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Setting up the Magento module

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017 12:09PM IST

Setting up the Magento module

To install the Uniware in Magento, you need to create a Web Service User in your Magento Admin. If you already have a Web Service User established in your Magento account, skip this part.



1- Log in to your Magento account and follow the nested drop down menus in this order: System, Web Services, SOAP/XML-RPD-Users. Then, click Users. On the next screen, click the Add New User button.



2- On this screen, fill in the fields as follows:
User Name: User Name to be used for API login (e.g.: uniwire_api_user)
First Name: First name of user
Last Name: Last name of user
Email: Email address for user
API Key: API key to be used for API login (e.g.: uniware)
This Account is: Active

3- Click Save User.

4- Go to the Roles menu by following the drop down menu in this order: System, Web Services, SOAP/XML-RPD-Roles. Click Roles. Then, click the Add New Role button, then enter a Role Name (e.g.: “Uniware integration”).



5- Go to the left navigation menu on the same screen and click Roll Resources. Change the Resource Access selection from Custom to All.

6- Click the Save Role button.

7- Next, map the User to the Role. Once again, navigate: System, Web Services, SOAP/XML-RPD-Users. Click Users, then click on the user you created (e.g.: uniware_api_user).



8- In the left navigation menu, click User Role. Select the role you created (e.g.: Uniware integration role).

9- Click the Save User button.

Please Note: While configuring the channel at Uniware, add the values as generated above.

Click on Connectors and fill Magento website Admin URL and API Username and key which was created on Magento.

COD Payments Methods: Codes like cashondelivery, COD, msp_cashondelivery, checkmo etc are to be filled so that orders with given codes are treated as COD orders while all other payment mode orders will be fetched as PREPAID orders orders in Uniware.

Order Statuses: These statuses can be generated at Magento panel, following the path System -> Order status.


These status codes must be entered in the configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: As catalog sync feature is not present for Magento so manual mapping has to be done for Magento products by following the steps mentioned in below link:


Fill below mandatory columns with details as suggested and upload the sheet in Uniware:

Channel Name- Name of the Magento channel added
Channel Product Id- Listing Id generated for your products on Magento
Seller SKU Code- Same as Channel Product Id
Uniware SKU Code- Uniware SKU codes created in Uniware corresponding channel product ids or Seller SKU.

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