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Release update - 04 November 2014

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2014 06:30PM IST

It has never been about being the best, but being better than you were yesterday.
The new upgrade brings about many exciting changes in the way the system looks and performs. These are highlighted as below:

1.   Sale Order details – total revamp
2.   New look for all the data tables in Uniware

Sale Order Details

Get a super easy access to the sale order details without navigating from page to page.

  • Access all the sale order information and edit access in just a click on the Sale Order ID or the Shipment ID. For example, if you click on the Sale Order ID on “Orders” page, you will land on the Order Items page.
  • To check an Order item in detail, just click on the respective row.

  • Actions like hold, cancel, release items and create pick up can be accomplished with a single action button.

  • No longer would you need to search different pages to get complete information about a sale order and its constituent order items.
  • You can see the summarized view of the order items, the selling price, discount and tax involved in each item price.
  • Also, the payment related details are available on the same page.

The different access points throughout Uniware will make you land at the respective tab on this page. For example if you click on a shipment package ID, you will land on the shipment tab, but if you access from the invoices page, then the invoice tab here will open first. The other tabs will contain the related data and makes it very easy for you to gather all the information about a sale order, wherever you are coming from.

Let’s see an example of how to take an action “hold an order item”:

1.   Choose an option from actions’ dropdown which is at the left most button in column header of Order Items Tab.
2.   Choose the action, which you want to perform on order item.
3.   Based on action selected, order items will be filtered out.
4.   Select the item on which you want to perform.


  • Let’s check out the shipments tab, which allows you to process a shipment, which includes creating its invoice, shipping label, splitting/merging packages and updating the existing invoice. You can also edit a shipping package.


Please note: For a shipment package that you open, the next step (according to the current shipment status) is highlighted intuitively by the system.

  • If a “return” has been created for a shipment, its respective tab contains the detail.


  • Similarly, the invoice, if exists, for the given Sale Order/Shipping Package can be accessed on the respective tab.



  • The right panel on the page, which is collapsible, summarizes order related information along with the items summary and Billing & Shipping address.


  • You can even edit these values on this panel.


New look for all the data tables across Uniware



Now all the data tables have a fresher and more pleasant look!


Other changes:

·         You can now disable inventory sync of a particular item type on a channel. This can be achieved by setting “Disabled” flag to “1” in the import file “channel item type”.

Please Note that the ability to do the same from UI will be available in one of the coming releases.
·         On Limeroad, no longer would you require to add all the “Ready to ship” packages for a given courier provider in just one manifest, rather, you can now select your packages and create multiple manifests for a particular courier provider.

New Integrations:

Inventory and Catalog sync is now available on Buildabazaar

*BuildaBazaar gives a logistics (shipping) functionality through "ShipDroid", which is its logistics company. And we are not integrated with Shipdroid at the moment.

We can now fetch the Shipment Label and Manifest from channel PayTm


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