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Processing an Order in Lite

Last Updated: May 13, 2015 11:17AM IST

An order in Uniware can be processed in three simple steps:
1.       Packing the shipment
2.       Getting it Ready to ship
3.       Dispatch the shipment

A shipment is created as soon as an order comes into uniware. A shipment or shipping package is a group of order items which are to be shipped together. Logically an order can contain multiple shipments and each shipment can contain multiple order items.
In Uniware, You can access the Sale Orders on the given path or check the respective shipments on the following path:


Packing the shipment:
Print the invoice to pack a shipment.


Enter the tax percentage to be levied on this shipment invoice and save it. The tax value is calculated and displayed in the invoice on the basis of the value entered here.


Check the Shipment status marked as PACKED.


You can edit, update and reprint the invoice.

Do you want to learn how to bulk invoice many shipments together?

Getting the Shipment Ready to Ship

When you create a shipping label for a packed invoice, the shipment status moves to “Ready To Ship”.


Select The Courier Provider from the given list and enter its AWB/Tracking number.


Please see the shipment status updated to READY TO SHIP.


You can also Edit and Reprint a Shipment Label.


Dispatch the shipment

At the time of dispatch / handover of the shipments to the courier, a document (called manifest) containing the details of the number of shipping packages is needed. It acts as a proof of handover in cases of dispute.
To create a manifest, follow the path:


Click the button 


Select the channel, shipment provider and the shipping method for creation of manifest. Only those channels and shipping providers will appear in the list whose shipments are in state “Ready To Ship”


Either scan the Shipment ID / AWB number or select it from the list of ready to ship packages.


Close the manifest to mark the shipment DISPATCHED.

You can print the manifest or download it in the CSV format for signing and handing it over to the Courier partner.



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