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What is a picklist?

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 01:28PM IST
It's a simple list containing the items to be picked from the specific shelves in a warehouse/store.

Using a picklist has never been mandatory. But it has many advantages attached to it, like, it can optimize the picking process by grouping the items to be processed together. It also ensures that a picker doesn't have to go the same shelf or nearby shelves in identical round trips to fetch products.

Picklist Status

A picklist is created in the system for the selected orders; on the picklist being received, the shipment is marked as picked. And the picklist is marked as closed as soon as all the orders in it are invoiced.
From the functional point of view, when the picklists are in either of the states: CREATED or RECEIVED, they are pending picklists, since the order items are not completely received at the invoicing station.


Follow a few simple steps to create and receive picklists:

1. On the path Fulfillment > Picklists, select "Create Manual" on the top-right side of the screen.

2. Select the Orders. You can limit your selection to Prepaid or COD-specific orders as well.


3. Select the action "Create Picklist".

4. This creates the picklist successfully. You can print the picklist or receive it at the invoicing station. Both the actions can be done on this page.

5. While receiving the products in the picklist, you can mark them not found/damaged.

Please remember: For SKU level traceability (ie, SKU bar coding), you have to scan the items while receiving the picklist for conducting these actions. And its available only in Professional & Enterprise version only

Also note that invoice and label can be generated right there.

6. Once the Picklist is RECEIVED, you can Print the invoice for the shipment and the shipping label for further processing the shipment and getting it ready to ship.

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