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Add Channel – Flipkart Advantage

What is Flipkart Advantage?

Flipkart now offers stocking and shipping service to the merchants selling their products on Flipkart.

For the Sellers: They will need to stock their products at Flipkart’s warehouses even before the orders are placed. As products will be available with Flipkart itself at the time order is placed, quality checks and expedited shipping is possible.

For the Customers: They can be assured that Flipkart has quality checked and shipped the products by themselves. Customers will have additional benefits for products with this service – it allows for 30 Day hassle-free returns on products as well as expedited delivery options such as Same Day/In-a-Day Guarantee Delivery. Customers will also get detailed overview of their order journey from the Seller to your doorstep.


What are the different steps for adding a Flipkart Advantage channel at Unicommerce?


It is added like any other channel at Unicommerce. Follow the same steps as explained here.

The additional field of Warehouse Code (on the Connectors page) can be found on the Flipkart Seller panel.

1. On the Seller Panel, access the tab for Flipkart Fulfillment.



2. The next page will show you the existing warehouses in the seller’s system. As soon as you click on one of these warehouses, the URL on the next page will contain the Warehouse ID, copy it and fill it in the Connectors tab while configuring channel at Unicommerce.



NOTE- Once the FA Warehouse is added successfully in Uniware , there are some mandatory fields that need to be filled

1. Signature image in FA Warehouse

2. GSTIN number in FA Warehouse

3. Address of FA Warehouse

Apart from this, a SELF courier with name as “SELF” should be added in FA Facility with serviceability selected as “Any facility to any place”

FAQs for Flipkart Advantage

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