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Amazon Seller Flex Integration

Amazon Seller Flex, It is Amazon’s business model (WI-EDI) which is known as Seller Flex.

We have integration with Seller Flex-Warehouse integration(SF-WI) in Standard, Professional and Enterprise versions.

Note: We are now integrated with Marketplace Amazon Seller Flex WI know as API (Smart connect). For more details Click Here or connect with uniware team.


Follow these simple steps to integrate Amazon Seller Flex (SF-WI) in Uniware:

1- In the Uniware menu, select Settings > Channels

2- Then press the button

Search and Select “AMAZON_FLEX“.

3- Fill and save the channel details.

4- Add channel AMAZON_FLEX with both seller panel and API details. Fill the credential to configure the connectors. In connectors, MWS API credentials will be provided by sellers.  Site Code and Party ID of Flex Connectors will be provided by Amazon team only. Share the Channel ID , Tenant ID with tech team for further setup in uniware backend.

5- After adding the channel you can manage all the related process in the same facility.

Below are the important points needs to be kept in mind while adding the channel.

On-boarding Notes; 

  1. Sellers can’t add channel in UC with existing seller flex credentials, they need to connect with respective Amazon’s account manager and seek for their account’s credentials for seller flex WI integration purpose.
  2. In connectors, MWS API credential to be filled. Site Code and Party ID of Flex Connectors will be provided by Amazon team only. Share the Channel ID, Tenant ID with our team for further setup in uniware backend.
  3. After Catalog sync need to link listings with corresponding Uniware SKUs. After linking seller need to update LBHW for each uniware SKU this will be sent via inventory update to Amazon, Without LBHW(Length Width Hight Weight) Inventory will be marked failed. This can be done in bulk via Item master sheet.
  4. Need to download and install QZ printer utility for printing ZPL labels. Use this file (Click Here) to setup for print invoice & labels via a thermal printer.

Box Configuration:

Below are the Box Configuration to create package code in uniware.

Display Name Box Type Category Virtual Internal dimensions (CM) External dimensions (CM)
Length Width Height Length Width Height
NC15 BOX Small N 17.8 10.2 9.4 18.4 10.8 10
NC17 BOX ExLarge N 110 75 28 111.4 76.4 29.4
NC18 BOX ExLarge N 80 50 28 81.4 51.4 29.4
NC19 BOX Medium N 35.5 22.8 15.2 36.1 23.4 15.8
NC21 BOX ExLarge N 132 12.65 12.6 132.6 13.25 13.2
NC25 BOX Small N 21 14.5 6.5 21.6 15.1 7.1
NC30 BOX Medium N 27.9 13.4 11.9 28.5 14 12.5
NM1 JFYMLR JFYMLR N 26.3 22.8 4.9 26.9 23.4 5.5
NM2 JFYMLR JFYMLR N 32.8 25.3 6.9 33.4 25.9 7.5
NM4 JFYMLR JFYMLR N 22 13 3.5 22.6 13.6 4.1
NP6 POLYBAG POLYBAG N 28.6 18.6 10.5 28.7 18.7 10.6
NP7 POLYBAG POLYBAG N 35.3 23.3 11 35.4 23.4 11.1
NP8 POLYBAG POLYBAG N 40.6 26.6 17.6 40.7 26.7 17.7
NP9 POLYBAG POLYBAG N 52.2 42.2 15.4 52.3 42.3 15.5
NT1 VDF VDF N 18 14 7 18.6 14.6 7.6
NT2 VDF VDF N 25 15 9 25.6 15.6 9.6
NT3 VDF VDF N 27.9 20 9.6 28.5 20.6 10.2
NT4 VDF VDF N 30.5 25 7 31.1 25.6 7.6
NT7 VDF VDF N 37 27.1 10 37.6 27.7 10.6
NV32 BOX Medium N 27.8 22.6 21 28.4 23.2 21.6
NV34 BOX Medium N 37.5 21 20.9 38.1 21.6 21.5
NV36 BOX Large N 33 26.5 26 33.6 27.1 26.6
NV42 BOX Large N 36.8 30.1 29 37.4 30.7 29.6
NV44 BOX Large N 41.5 31 29 42.1 31.6 29.6
NV46 BOX ExLarge N 50.6 36.5 36.5 51.2 37.1 37.1
NV48 BOX ExLarge N 64.2 41.7 38 64.8 42.3 38.6
NV52 BOX Exlarge N 74 59 46 74.6 59.6 46.6
NC20 BOX ExLarge N 64.5 36.5 6.5 65.1 37.1 7.1
NC24 BOX Large N 74 31 29.7 74.6 31.6 30.3
NC4 BOX Small N 22 16.5 11.5 22.4 16.9 12
NC8 BOX Medium N 38.75 31.25 7.5 39 32 7.75
NSM1 JFYMLR JFYMLR N 63 53 20 63 53 20
NT5 VDF Large N 46.2 40.7 9.6 46.8 41.3 10.2
NV3 BOX Medium N 30.4 24.9 19.9 30.5 25 20
NV4 BOX Medium N 40.4 30.9 30.4 40.5 31 30.5
NV5 BOX Large N 53.4 40.4 30.4 53.5 40.5 30.5
NV6 BOX ExLarge N 74 59 50 74.6 59.6 50.6
NV7 BOX ExLarge N 64 42.5 32.5 64.6 43.1 33.1
NC14 BOX ExLarge N 74 59 50 74.2 59.2 50.2
NC16 BOX ExLarge N 64.5 51 44 64.5 51.2 44.2
NM3 JFYMLR JFYMLR N 35.8 24.8 10.9 36 25 11
NT5 VDF VDF N 46.2 40.7 9.6 46.8 41.3 10.2


Integration steps: 


Onboarding/Integration process   Notes
A Add Channel– Check channel is added or not for Flex (Make sure that is AmazonFlex with same Logo, sometimes another old model channel added, disable that one (No use in future)
A1 If Yes, go for connector configuration
A2 If NO, add channel with name like Amazon_Flex_Sitecode
1 Connector configuration
Amazon Flex API – Use data of Amazon India(.in) Api
    Seller Id – A1UJ*********
    Marketplace Id – A21T*******
    MWS Auth Token – ****************
Amazon Flex Connector– Add Site id and Party id (Given by Team/Amazon)
Sometimes it is stuck or gives error, try twice it will be done.

For amazon API credentials click here

2 Run Catalog Pull (sync) Setting> Channel > AmazonFlex>Catalog sync (Run)
All seller sku codes (FNSKU) must start with X00……
No duplicacy allow for seller sku codes
Note: Listing must be present in Amazon fulfilled status at Amazon panel
3 Package Type Creation -Setting >Package Type
-Seller must have package type given by Flex as NP6, NP7 NP8 Etc. Click here-Package Type code will be provided by Amazon seller team to seller.
All listings must have Package Dimension on amazon also.
4 Mapping and Assign Package type -To all Flex listings, mapping is required by channel item type sheet.
Check  Box Configuration in article below  Click Here-Use package type “code” in field Shipping Package Type Code” Point no 3.
-There must be no Unlink listing in uniware for Flex.
5 Item Master update with Weight and Dimension -Weight and Dimension can be used from Amazon or as per seller setup.
-That is to mandate else inventory sync not work and gives error for dimension update.
– If dimension are not correct, order will not sync in Uniware
– That can be done by item master sheet or manually. Click Here
6 Run Inventory sync – Check the Inventory sync for few listings with success result if not, need to check all steps done and as per the error messages.

-Product >Listing>Linked>Select Flex listings and take action for sync inventory.-Uniware sync inventory to Seller central and to Report (Daily Inventory report).
-Seller can download the report from Amazon seller portal which will provide site-wise inventory update.

Path : Reports>Fulfillment by Amazon>Inventory>Show more..>Daily Inventory History>Download

Request report to check for any FNSKU

7 Printer configuration – Need to be check by article make sure print utility is configured. Click here
8 Support article and FAQs

Offering by Uniware 

  1. Unicommerce offers you Inventory sync, Order processing, Invoice number sync, Order cancellation & Catalog Sync. No return sync as of now.

  2. Dimension update on each listing will be done via Uniware.

  1. Once an order is created in Uniware, system will check if inventory is available to be blocked. In case, there is no inventory in uniware, then it will update Amazon to cancel the order as per Amazon guideline. Hence it is strongly recommended to keep your inventory updated.
  2. Cancellation Update will be sent on the channel, and no cancellation allowed after Invoice generation in uniware.
  3. Cancellation Sync to Uniware is present.
  4. No Auto Return sync is there, seller can take return manually by “putaway received return” process in uniware. click here
  5. Label/Invoice file fetch from channel.

  6. For Amazon: Packaging & Labelling Guidelines Click here
  • Amazon has divided Seller flex into two parts- First is when sellers are not using any kind of WMS and hence they have to use seller panel of flex. Second is when they are using any WMS and it is integrated with flex They call this channel as Seller Flex-Warehouse integration(SF-WI).
  • In initial mode of working sellers have to separate the inventory, put ASIN’s barcode on such separated inventory and Amazon audits the same inventory physically when they visit the seller’s premises. Wherein the second mode of operation (SF-WI) sellers can use a common pool of inventory and no audits are required.
  • Once seller migrates to any WMS (Seller Flex WI), they have to remove inventory from ongoing seller flex panel. This deactivates the older seller flex account and hence starts routing orders to new seller flex WI account.
  • Inventory updated from UC against seller flex channel will not be visible on seller flex portal. However, to check the inventory sellers can cross-verify sellercentral.amazon.in account, where Amazon shows inventory against all mode of operations (flex, flex WI, FBA and dropship).
  • Dimension update on each listings will be done via Uniware. It is mandatory to update dimension and weight on each product linked with Flex listings.
  • For processing orders, shipping package has to be updated correctly. Sellers can create those packages in Uniware which are being used at their end for processing.
  • For Invoice and label pdf sorting you can use One Click Invoice & Label as Yes at channel setting page.
  • Shipping Labels are generated in ZPL format.
  • Invoice and labels can be reprinted only for 30 days however for taxation requirements data will be available.

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