Integration with FedEx

To integrate Uniware with FedEx you need to get your FedEx account identifiers and credentials

The following parameters are required to be set in the FedEx account:

·     Account Number

·     Key

·     Meter Number

·     Password

These values are as provided by the FedEx services.

Please follow these steps to generate your parameters:

1. To generate test credentials at FedEx, access the link – and enter valid user credentials.

2. If you login to the system for the first time, then register yourself. Otherwise just verify your country to be India but select Special Intra Country Test key as “US and Global”.




5. The password is sent to the primary email as registered, rest of the values are generated.

To Integrate with Uniware, follow the steps:

  • On the path Settings > Shipping Providers, search for FedEx.
  • Select Fedex
  • Enable the required provider.

After enabling, click on provider name to view its details.

Enable the shipping methods, COD and Prepaid, as per your requirement.

While configuring this, do keep in mind that

1. For FedEx SO , enable Standard-COD – “Yes”  and Standard-Prepaid has Enabled = “No”.

2. For FedEx PO , enables Standard-Prepaid= “Yes” and Standard-COD has Enabled = “No”.

Learn more about the steps of enabling a shipping provider

As explained above, key in the following API parameters:

  • Account number

  • Key

  • Meter number

  • Password

As provided by the FedEx Services.

These values generate the test code and Prepaid Label for testing first, and after the initial round, it is approved by FedEx. At this stage the parameter “Live” is FALSE.

Post approval Production Label is generated, and the parameter “LIVE” is set to TRUE.

Please note:

The significance of field “Use Tracking Number”

And the “Service type” is set as per the service being used:

Hence, FedEx is successfully integrated and can be selected for shipping services.

Please note: If you set LABEL_TYPE as PAPER_4X6, two shipping label images are generated (with extension png), but if you leave this setting as blank, four PDF files of shipping label would be generated.

The FedEx API parameters will be accessible in the Connectors tab and hence can be set there.

Note: For FedEx international, if you want payment type as Recipient under duties payment then needs to provide Buyer in Reference for Octroi Charges. By-default value is SENDER.

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