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Integration with Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is available with Uniware under Carts in channels.

Follow these simple steps to integrate with Uniware:

1- In the Uniware menu, select Settings > Channels

2- Then press the button

Search and Select “Bigcommerce”.

3- Fill and save the channel details.

4- Fill the credential to configure the connectors.

To configure the connectors in Uniware. Store code and Auth token are present in API accounts (Advanced settings in Bigcommerce panel)

Steps of creating the token in the Bigcommerce panel are present below.

4.1 Go to Bigcommerce panel > Advanced settings > API Accounts

4.2- Click create API account and then create V2/V3 API token.
4.3- Add any Name (eg: Unicommerce) and copy the Store code from API path (eg: oyemomsfqo)
use the same Store code in UC connectors page while adding Bigcommerce.

4.4- Configure the below scopes: (leave the other modules to None)

Module Access
CONTENT modify
ORDERS modify

4.5- Click ‘SAVE’

4.6- Copy the Access Token and use it in Auth Token in UC connectors page while adding Bigcommerce

4.7– Use Store code and Auth token in the below fields.

5- As soon as the channel is configured successfully, you can see the Channel Summary and you can trigger the respective sync processes from this page itself. For more detail Click here.

Channel Setting Parameters:

Config Name

Possible Values


Fulfilment Tat

in Day

If value input is 3 and order date is 1st June then the SLA date of the order will be 4th June.

Notify Channel On Dispatch


If Yes then we update “Shipped” status to Bigcommerce via API once order is dispatched in Unicommerce and vice-versa.
Also, Yes “DispatchOrderBy” will work and should be kept “ORDER_ITEM”.

Sale Orders Fetch Days

in Day

The time range of orders that will be fetched in Uniware.

Cancel Order On Channel


If yes then we update the cancel status on Bigcommerce and vice-versa.

Status for RTO Complete

Status code

Status name present on Bigcommerce which you want to update when the RTO is completed.

Status for Return Complete

Status code

Status name present on Bigcommerce which you want to update when a customer return is Completed.


Below are the important points that needs to be kept in mind while adding the channel:

  • We provide catalog pull, inventory push and order pull features.
  • Invoices code and TAX details and invoice template to be provided from Uniware.
  • Orders are self-shipped and split shipment is allowed. Shipping will be handled by the seller and Tracking details & Label print will be provided by Uniware.
  • Tracking details (AWB number, Shipping provider name) will be shared with the cart once the order is dispatched.
  • On Manifest close, the Shipped status will get updated on the channel.
  • Status sync from Uniware to Bigcommerce will work for Cancelled/Dispatched/RTO complete/Return complete status.
  • Status sync from Bigcommerce to Uniware will work for Cancelled/Dispatched only.
  • Order cancellation from Uniware is allowed but partial order cancellation is not allowed.
  • That is same for split shipment case system allows cancellation of all order items in order.


Note: You can add any channel which is available in Uniware channel list Like Macarron (Vely Monkeys Pvt Ltd),  Next Door Hub, DALMIABIZ, Shop 101 and many more.

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