Integration with Ninjavan

We are now integrated with shipping provider- Ninjavan

To begin with, the integration of Ninjavan, follow simple steps shared below:

1.  Login to your Unicommerce account and Go to settings > Shipping Provider

2. Now click on Add Shipping Provider in the top right corner

3. Search for Ninjavan


4. Click on Ninjavan to add:

  • Enter shipping provider name
  • Select Serviceability as either This Facility to selected Pincodes (in this case you need to define serviceability, explained here) or Any Facility to Selected Pincodes/Any facility to any Pincodes.
  • Add both COD and Prepaid Shipping Methods having AWB Generation selected as API

5- Now save the detail by pressing button Save and Next.

6. Click on Connectors and update the credentials for API settings, will be provided by the Ninjavan team for every seller.

Parameter Value/ Description
Country code: Values accepted- SG,MY,TH,ID,VN,PH,MM
Client ID: From IT Settings in Ninjavan panel, Path to get the credentials: Settings->IT settings-> API key

Client Secret: From IT Settings in Ninjavan panel, Path to get the credentials: Settings->IT settings-> API key
Service level: Values accepted- Standard, Express, Sameday, Nextday (if no value entered then default = Standard)
Service_type: Values accepted- Parcel/International
Pickup_service_type: Values accepted- Scheduled /On-Demand
Pickup_service_level: Values accepted- Standard/ Premium
Pick up date: No of days from the day of creating pickup(integer i.e. 1, 2,…)
Pickup_timeslot: Values accepted- “09:00” to “12:00”, “09:00” to “18:00”, “09:00” to “22:00″,”12:00” to “15:00″,”15:00” to “18:00”, “18:00” to “22:00”
Delivery_timeslot: Values accepted- “09:00” to “12:00”, “09:00” to “18:00”, “09:00” to “22:00″,”12:00” to “15:00″,”15:00” to “18:00”, “18:00” to “22:00”
Auto AWB generation: Values accepted- True/False
International Portation Type: Values accepted- Export/Import (keep blank for Domestic shipments)

Below are the important points that needs to be kept in mind while adding the shipper:

1. Create three AWBs using Ninjavan API and share the same to
2. Ninjavan team will provide the production access to the merchant.
3. Seller will be able to create AWBs in production environment.

Important Points:

  • Both Forward and Reverse Shipments are supported.
  • Label format will be provided by Unicommerce
  • Manifest will be provided by Unicommerce

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