Integration with Shadowfax

Unicommerce now provides integration with Shadowfax, which is a Plug & play platform for businesses, making instant deliveries a reality.

To begin with Shadowfax integration in Uniware, follow simple steps:

1. Login to your Unicommerce account and Go to settings > Shipping Provider

2. Now click on Add Shipping Provider in the top right corner

3. Search for Shadowfax

4. Click on Shadowfax to add:

  • Enter shipping provider name
  • Select Serviceability as either This Facility to selected Pincodes (in this case you need to define serviceability, explained here) or Any Facility to Selected Pincodes/Any facility to any Pincodes.
  • Add both COD and Prepaid Shipping Methods having AWB Generation selected as API

5. Click on Connectors and update the required parameters to connect.

Username and Password- As provided by Shadowfax, for generating Auth Token

Service Type-  (Mode of dispatch service to the customer) these Service Types will be provided by Shadowfax itself as per seller’s agreement.

  • Warehouse
  • Marketplace

Hand Over Mode- Drop/Pick  (Mode by which vendor is going to handover shipments to Shadowfax team)

Pickup Address Id- Pickup address ID as provided from Shadowfax, if blank Facility (Warehouse) Shipping address will be picked as pickup address

Fetch Label Link- False (As Shadowfax has confirmed to accept Uniware label on all packages)

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