Integration with Vamaship

To begin with the integration of Vamaship, follow simple steps shared below:

1. Login to your Unicommerce account and Go to settings > Shipping Provider

2. Now click on Add Shipping Provider in the top right corner

3. Search for Vamaship

4. Click on Vamaship to add:

>Enter shipping provider name

>Select Serviceability as either This Facility to selected Pincodes (in this case you need to define serviceability, explained here) or Any Facility to Selected Pincodes/Any facility to any Pincodes.

>Add both COD and Prepaid Shipping Methods having AWB Generation selected as API


5. Click on Connectors and update the credentials for API settings

  • Service Type – Provided by Vamaship, INTL(International), DOM(Domestic), SUR(Surface) B2C Surface B2B Surface
    Where Domestic Service type is mainly for lightweight shipments and Surface is for heavy packages.
  • Authorization token – Provided by Vamaship
  • Reference Number  – To display sale order code on labels
  • Delivering Essential Items  – TRUE/FALSE,
    TRUE – Means deals in essentials service products Like FMCG, Pharmacy else
    FALSE (By default)

Important Points:

  • Now 4 digit display order code can be updated on Vamaship labels for which you need to update DISPLAY SALE ORDER CODE in connectors under Reference Number parameter. By default value is sale order code.
  • AWB and shipping Label will be fetched from Vamaship

  • Forward and Reverse shipment supported

  • Tracking is provided in Uniware for Vamaship shipped orders

  • System will Fetch both label file and AWB number from Vamaship via API.

  • Priority for selecting courier company will be handled by Vamaship team only and based on updated priority, system will allocate corresponding shipping provider and AWB number.

  • Courier company priority can be set only by contacting Vamaship support.

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