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Lets Integrate with Jabong JIT

Recently, Jabong has moved to their B2B model from dropship (Jabong SC) which is now known as Jabong JIT.

Follow these simple steps to integrate same in Uniware:

1. In the Uniware menu, select Settings > Channels, then press the button “Add Channel”.

2. Search and Select “Jabong World”.

3. Fill all the Channel Details. Do not forget to Add your Customer Details here:

To know more about how to add a Customer Code, Click Here.

4. In the Connectors Tab, as soon as you hit the button “Connect”, the system asks you to add your username and password in a new pop-up window.

5. Submit credentials of jabongjit.unicommerce.com here.

Once the user credentials are validated, please read the terms and conditions in the next pop-up window. After you press “I Agree”, the system successfully establishes the connection with Jabong JIT.

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