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Reach out to Unicommerce in the simplest way through chat support!

Uniware Chat !!!

No longer do you need to pick your phone or write an e-mail to reach us. Are you wondering then how will you communicate to us!!?

Well, Uniware now comes integrated with an internal chat, click it and tell us your problem. You can get in touch with one of our Service agents directly and receive faster responses.

Q: How to initiate a chat?

You will now see a chat iconwithin Uniware. Just click and get started.


Q: Can we raise an issue on the chat?

Absolutely! The window allows you to do that.

Click on the button and choose a category.



Explain the problem in English/Hindi, whichever language you are most comfortable with.




You can also add your phone number for the Service agent to reach you over a phone call.


Q: How will the Service agent get back to me?

He will respond to you in this chat window itself. Since the process is asynchronous, your request comes to us as an issue ticket, we resolve and get back to you.

Q: Can I check my old issues and their details?

Yes! All the chat history is visible on the window, with each issue highlighted seperately. You will be able to see the archived and the live issues.





Q: How can I send an attachment or screenshot with the issue raised?

While raising an issue, you will see two icons, for sending a screenshot or attaching a document/picture with the ticket raised. Use them to send notes.



Q: If after raising an issue I go to another window, how will I know if my problem has been taken care of?

Even if you are working on another window, the system will send a chat notification as soon as the customer agent responds to your query.




You have to activate this feature only once, that is, the first time you raise a query on Unidesk.




Q: What if I am not satisfied with the resolution, how do I tell them?

As soon as your issue is resolved, you will get a window to share your feedback. You can rate your experience.

If unsatisfied, you can also reopen the issue by clicking the Reopen icon (just next to the Attachment icon).

And if you still want to escalate in case of no proper solution, write in to us at help@unicommerce.com.


To reopen the ticket, just click on the reopen icon.



You can rate your experience as Excellent/ Good/ Average/ Poor or Very Poor. This feedback is really important to us and helps us analyse the customer experience.


Re-opening a ticket is simple, follow the steps: Click the ticket -> Click “re-open” -> Type your message and then click on re-open on top right corner of text box.



The Customer Care will receive the ticket re-opened and would respond with a solution.

Always Remember: Once you have submitted your feedback (whichever option), you can’t reopen the issue. The ticket will go into history, Saved in ARCHIVED tickets. In the new ticket that you raise, you can refer to that ticket ID.

Also, if we have responded over an issue and asked for your feedback, but you fail to answer, then, we will wait for your feedback for 5 days, after which the tickets are marked CLOSED.

But we will now highlight the tickets for which you have not provided your feedback in red. Please do take out some time to provide feedback.



We are constantly striving to improve our services, and thus we would like to get your feedback every time we resolve your issue.

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