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Release Update – 03 June 2014

In our constant effort to be better than what we were yesterday, the team has been working diligently to keep up with the latest technologies and give you the best of solutions. We are proud to announce that we have migrated to a newer platform for a faster and better experience with Uniware.

The enhancement promises to improve the performance of our system and keep you in line with the latest in the technical offerings. 

Unicommerce has launched its new website.

Come, experience and share. Do pay us a visit at www.unicommerce.com.


Here is a look at the details of some of the visible improvements made in Uniware.

Manifest: total revamp 

As they say, “Makeovers start from within”, the Manifests have been refurbished not just on the UI but even in its internal processing. Let’s see some of the favorable changes introduced:

  •  System performance improvement in uploading and closing manifests in bulk.

  •  Immediate warning message for cancelled orders included in a manifest.​
    If an order is cancelled just before its respective shipping package was to be added in the manifest,  Uniware makes sure that it is not added to it and immediately warns the user.

  •  New look and feel to the Manifests residing in the system.


  • ​Close, Print or Download the Manifests with the help of new icons.



  • ​At the creation of a new manifest, you will now see only those channels and shipping providers which contain “Ready to Ship” orders.

  • To add a shipment in a manifest, you scan its shipment number. Now, you can even add its shipment tracking number/ AWB number.

Or just check the list of “ready to ship” packages on the channel.


  • A shipment added to manifest can now be recognized with the status “Manifested”. This is a status between “Ready to Ship” and “Dispatched”.


  • ​The “manifested” packages cannot be cancelled or split further.



  • ​The shipments which cannot be dispatched on a day (due to some error) will be returned to ”Ready to Ship” status, and would no longer remain “manifested”.


You can add them to a new batch and process them to create and close their new manifest.

All new Customers page 

Adding new customers in the existing list has been made easier, covering all details exhaustively on the “Add customer” page.

Support to delete channel item mapping 

Incorrect product mapping under “Linked” or spurious product entries under “Unlinked” can now be easily deleted on the Products Mapping page with just a button click.

Select the product rows and click on “Delete”.


New Integration made:

Product Catalog and Inventory sync are now available on Rediff.

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