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Release Update: 28th Nov 2017


 We know Old Ways won’t open New Doors! So each time we try hard to push ourselves to bring the best of the features to help you progress!

Unicommerce: GST Compliant SystemPost GST Implementation, several changes have been done in the system to make all features GST Ready
New features for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and FA (Flipkart Advantage)You can now check and export Amazon FBA Inventory and sync FA returns in Uniware
New Integrations: Channels and Shipping Providers
The Uniware system is now integrated with the channels like SD+, Gofynd, ZiFiTi, Tata CliQ, Amazon_FBA_US, Amazon Mexico, eBay Canada and Shipping Provider- Shiprocket.
Improved Accounting Management features 
Introducing One Click Tally integration and GST compliant Tally and Busy Reports for simplified accounting
Updates on Marketplace Order Processing
Single click Label and Invoice generation for Amazon and Paytm, Self-shipping order processing for Flipkart & Shopclues and  AWB no. updation for Woocommerce orders
Introducing Advanced WMS featuresImplement FIFO, the correct inventory evaluation and Cycle Count, the inventory auditing mechanism in your system

Unicommerce: GST Compliant System


Unicommerce team is constantly working to make the panel more compliant with GST and help sellers to adapt the GST changes. Below are the newly added features live post GST:

  • Update GSTIN, HSN Codes, and Signature to reflect on the Invoices
  • Add GST Tax classes on Products or Product Categories
  • Fetch Marketplace (Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Tata CliQ, Snapdeal) Invoices in Uniware
  • Generate GST ready invoice templates for B2B and B2C transactions
  • Generate Credit notes against returned orders
  • POS invoices and orders too are GST ready with CGST/SGST calculation as per facility billing address state
  • Purchase orders and Gatepass are also GST compliant now.
  • Reflect Channel Product ID, Channel SKU Code, Email ID, Seller CIN number on invoices.
To know more about such features,

New features for FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and FA (Flipkart Advantage)


1- We have now started fetching channel inventory for Amazon_FBA, System will renew this data on daily basis via automatic sync at night if the inventory sync is kept on for FBA.

You can also export this data from Uniware. Read more here: FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) and related queries

2-  Along with Flipkart FA reconciliation data, we have now started fetching Flipkart FA returns in Uniware as well. Read more here: Flipkart Advantage and related queries 

New Integrations: Channels & Shipping Providers

Going a notch above, we have successfully integrated our system with a few new channels and a logistics partner. Click on the logo to learn more about their integrations:




Improved Accounting Management Features 

Our existing product feature of Accounting Management has some exciting new additions:

1. One Click Tally Integration– Save your efforts and reduce errors due to almost negligible manual intervention with single click tally integration Read More 

2. GST Compliant Tally & Busy reports

Our Tally and Busy reports are now fully GST compliant. You can seamlessly import the records using GST ready Tally and Busy integration. Please ensure that you are using Tally ERP-9 version 6.0.1 or above and 17+ Standard for Busy.

Click to know more about GST Implementation in Tally and in Busy

Update on Marketplace Order Processing

1- To speed up order processing time, Uniware now supports Single Click Invoice and Label generation for Amazon & Paytmorders. Print both invoice and Label from Ready To Ship tab

2- Manage Flipkart & Shopclues self-shipping orders through Uniware. System will update invoice series updated in uniwareand shipping provider details along with tracking number on seller panel at the time of manifest closing

3- Uniware will be updating AWB number at the time of manifest closing for Woocommerce orders

Introducing Advanced WMS Features

We are consistently working to enhance the product features as per present market needs. Both of these features are available on item level traceability and can be availed in Unicommerce’s Enterprise Plan as of now:

1- Introducing FIFO, the first in, first out (FIFO) method of inventory valuation to make sure that the first goods purchased are also the first goods sold.

The following additions have been made to implement this feature in your system:

a. Function to define Shelf Life of a product/category
b. Function to define Tolerance or threshold to calculate remaining life of the product
c. Function to support Auto-ageing of the products to separate Good Inventory from Bad inventory

To understand in detail how FIFO is going to work in Uniware, read Implement FIFO In Your System 

2- Introducing Cycle Count, inventory auditing mechanism through Uniware to check and verify the location of every shelf is correctly mapped and has same inventory as recorded in the system. This method will also help to reconcile the missing and extra items found on different shelves.

To understand in detail how Cycle Count is going to work in Uniware, read Cycle Count: Initiate Inventory Auditing Procedure Via Uniware


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