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Release Update (Professional & Enterprise): 9 June 2015

Believing that improvement is the logical form of change, Unicommerce has always worked for changes to improve your experience with us. Let us have a look at all the new release points to be introduced this time.

1 An alternate to creating and closing Manifests – Mark dispatchFind a “Mark Dispatch” icon to directly dispatch shipments without Manifests

2 Accept Returns in any Facility Returns need not go back to the same faciltiy, you can pick and keep them at another facility.

3 Mark your Return as COMPLETE in case of an EXPECTED RETURN

For all the dispatched shipments marked as EXPECTED RETURN, complete the returns in a single click

4 Record the Purchase Order ActivitiesAll the activities on a Purchase Order can be seen in the Activities tab.

5 Account Notifications – Low Balance buzz

The system prompts at every low-balance or out-of-balance account situations.

6 Suggest Alternate SKUs for the Unfulfillable Order Items

All the unfulfillable SKUs can be replaced with alternative suggested order items

An alternate to creating and closing Manifests – Mark dispatch

Now you can directly mark your “Ready to Ship” shipments as “Dispatched” on handing them over to the Courier Providers without creating and closing Manifest. Well! It is for you to decide if you want to make a manifest or directly mark your shipments as dispatched.

PLEASE NOTE: The option of marking shipments DISPATCHED is valid only if you are providing shipping yourself and it is not dependent on the marketplace.

Accept Returns in any facility

If you have a multi-warehouse business using Uniware, the system will now allow you to accept return of a product which might have been dispatched from another warehouse.

Earlier, the system did not allow a returned item from another warehouse.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have shipped an item from Delhi Warehouse and receive a return in Mumbai Warehouse, then the Shipment details can be seen only in Delhi Warehouse. However, you can search the order number in both Mumbai and Delhi Warehouse.

Mark your Return as COMPLETE in case of an EXPECTED RETURN

For all the Courier Returns, if the Dispatched Shipments are updated as “Return Expected” in Uniware because of courier tracking, then we can complete the returns (including putaway) in a single click on the Returns tab.

Record the Purchase Order Activities

All the activities done on a Purchase Order are recorded and displayed in the “Activities” tab on the Purchase Orders page.

Thus, you can easily identify the actions taken on a PO and its current status in a single window.

Account Notifications – Low Balance Buzz

If you are using our Prepaid billing system, then no longer would you need to keep a tab on your account balance at Uniware, the system will prompt you every time you are having a low balance or already have run out of balance.

Suggest Alternate SKUs for the Unfulfillable Order Items

You can now “suggest alternate SKUs” for the unfulfillable order items.

On the order item details page of an order with unfulfillable order item, you can see the “Suggest Alternates” button.

Just like shown below:

After submitting the list of Alternate SKU suggestion, the Order item status is set to “ALTERNATE SUGGESTED”.

You can accept this suggestion on the Order Item Details page itself.

As soon as it is accepted, a new order item with status “CREATED” is added to the Order. It will process like all the other orders.


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