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Troubleshooting your Magento module

If you are having difficulty seeing your Magento orders in Uniware, the following tips may help.

Test the Magento SOAP API
Uniware uses the Magento SOAP API to communicate with your cart for order fulfillment, inventory, shipping status, and tracking. It is essential that the Magento API work perfectly. A common problem is that the SOAP API is not enabled or properly configured. A simple test to see if SOAP is enabled is to query the SOAP API handler. To do this, enter the following URL in your web browser:


Substitute YOURSITE with your Magento store URL. You should receive XML output from your cart indicating that it is working.

Make sure you have the PHP SOAP extention enabled on your web server
The Apache PHP server has SOAP extensions that are necessary for proper operation. To test this, you can run this simple script from a PHP file on your web server:



This shows your PHP server environment and what modules are installed. If the SOAP extension does not show up during this test, you can run this simple script from a command line prompt to enable SOAP:

yum install php-soap
service httpd restart


If this does not work, you can edit the php.ini file directly to enable the service and restart your server manually.

Make sure the API User and Key in Magento match Uniware exactly
If these do not match exactly, there will be an authentication error when Uniware polls Magento to download orders.

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