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What are Failed Orders in O2O?

What are Failed Orders in O2O?

The orders fetched from a channel which could not be created successfully at Unicommerce O2O are categorized as FAILED ORDERS.

The best way to view these orders is in the Dashboard Overview where under Orders panel you can see the total number of failed orders.

When you click on the failed orders, the system takes you to the Failed Orders page.

Please understand that there is only one reason behind an order getting failed, which is “No product mapping” for the product ordered. This means the products contained in the order do not find any mapping or association with the existing products defined at Uniware.

Unicommerce O2O allows you to fix the errors at the Failed Orders interface only.

Select one or multiple rows having ‘fixable’ errors and solve all the problems in one go. Please see the following steps:

1. Filter the fixable errors:

2. Select one or multiple order rows and click on ‘Fix Problems’

3. The system suggests the next action and follow the process as directed, for example in this case, the missing product mapping can be created right here and thus, fix the error.

Please Note: For the errors which are not fixable, please inform the technical team right away and get the issue solved.

Updated on July 18, 2019

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