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Bundle Sorting Flow for AJIO B2B channel to printing AJIO Bundle Barcode labels

Sellers can now use system assisted sorting for processing orders for AJIO B2B channel also at the staging area during order processing at SKU level traceability, enabling them to restrict manual dependency and increase operational efficiency.

Applicability: In Enterprise with Traceability- SKU level

For bundle-sorting flow to be enabled, the below configurations must be updated.

Channel Page Setting-
PackageType: Flexible
Bundle Sorting At Staging Area: Yes
Fetch Item Label In Picklist Scan: Yes

Setting Configuration –
Bundle Sorting at Staging Area: Yes
Bundle Sorting allowed for Cross Zones Picking: Yes

Any all-bundle shipment of the AJIO B2B channel (Bulk channel) will be eligible for staging workflow for the bundle sorting and will undergo Bundle Sorting workflow.

Primary Picklist Creation
Primary Picklist Creation from Bundling TAB
Picklist> Create Manual >  Bundling Tab


Note that the term Primary picklist is used for the picklist used to pick from Storage Area (Stocking Zone). In this case, the primary picklist is created for picking the items from the storage area & keeping it a staging area.

Picklist Receiving (Web | Bundling with proactive sorting)

  1. The system will suggest the shelf on scanning at the time of receiving each item.

  2. The system shall try to allocate items to Partially assembled bundles kept at partially filled shelves.

  3. Once put on shelves, the bundles will eventually be segregated in the staging shelves.

Staging → Shelf View

Path: Main Menu → Fulfilment→Staging > Shelf View

This shelf view contains:

1. Dropdown for – Bundle Occupied, Shipment Occupied, Empty
2. Tabs – Ready to Pick, Partially Filled, Cancelled under Bundle Occupied and Shipment Occupied      Views
3. In the cancelled tab, Accept Putback button will be present.

Staging → Dashboard

Path: Main Menu → Fulfilment→Staging → Dashboard

This Dashboard contains Tabs,

Shipment Staging,

Bundle Staging (Shipment Staging – Default)

  • Shipment Staging – A secondary picklist can be created for single/multi shipments. (with all items in Ready to Pick state)
  • Bundle Staging-
  • User can only create picklist for one shipment at a time.
  • A secondary picklist can be created for bundle shipment only if Ready to Pick Bundles are greater than 0.
  • Post clicking on ‘Create Picklist’ dialogue box to open showing details of
    Partially filled bundles from this shipment.
  • Users can take action accordingly and create the secondary picklist.


Packing & Secondary Picking

The “Secondary Picklist” will contain two actions:

  • Template printout of the Picklist for picking from the staging area.
  • List of Bundle barcodes in the same order as printed on the PRN template.

The Secondary picker will go to the first Staging Shelf and pick these items, assemble the items in the packaging material, stick the barcode on it and put it on the trolley.
After doing so for all the items, the secondary picker will come back to the Invoicing dock with all the items in the picklist.
Now, the system will receive the Secondary Picklist by scanning the bundle barcodes with Boxslip and seal ID.

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