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Channel Setting Parameters General Information

On the channel setting page there are multiple parameters as per operational requirement.

                      Parameters                     Values
Channel Name (Mandatory) Your store or channel name.
Ledger Name(Optional) Channel ledger name for Tally report data sync. Click Here
Billing Party (Optional) It will work the same as facility details do. If blank it will use facility details for seller’s address and invoice series. Click Here
Customer (Optional) For bulk orders punch we can set already added customers. Click Here
Package Type (Optional) Flexible – It will create package for an order for which items have inventory only.
Fixed – It will create a single package in spite of item inventory status for a given order.
Deduct Fixed GST On Shipping Charges Etc (Optional) – Yes/NO, This parameter will add tax of shipping charges.
PreDefined Package Splittable (Optional) Yes/NO,  This feature for shipment package to be splitted while processing
Boxing With Packslip Enabled (Optional) Yes/No, This is for boxing feature for seal id and box packages for multiple shipments.
Enable Endless Printing On Thermal Printer (Optional) – In Enterprise version, Channel Level config required which is currently enabled for custom channels only.
– Width of the invoice’s PDF needs to be defined on the template itself.
– If this is set TRUE it will print endless invoice which should be printed on a thermal printer.
– It is a limitation that Max Permissible Pdf length is 200 inches.
– If the items don’t fit on a page size of 200 inches, then multiple pages of 200 inches will be created.
Single Action Invoice Label New

Note: This config is not for channels which by default have thermal print label settings i.e Flex, CloudTail.

This config have three options

Off –
In this case there would be two buttons as normal For invoice generation then label generation.
New> Packed> Ready To Ship

Skip Invoice URL –
In place of Print Label and Print Invoice only a single button is visible named “Print Invoice and Label“.
Direct Label is printed, Invoice will not print as Shipment would Direct in Ready To ship.
New> Ready To Ship

Merge Invoice and Label –
In place of Print Label and Print Invoice only a single button is visible named “Print Invoice and Label“.
The combined document of Invoice and Label would be printed.
New> Ready To Ship

Omni Channel Order:

Max hours for auto hopping:


– Yes, for Omni channels.

– 72…144…, a value in countable hours for smooth operation.

Dispatch Order By ORDER_ITEM/INVOICE_ITEM as per channel request.
Consider Batch MRP in Invoice
  • No
  • Adjust discount if selling price before discount is less than batch MRP else consider batch MRP as selling Price.
  • Consider batch MRP as selling price on invoice with the same discount

For Batching, Generate accurate invoice in case MRP on items packed is different from promised MRP.
The sellers can adjust discount in the invoice or reduce the selling price of the item in case the MRP listed on the product is different from the MRP promised to the customer.


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