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Creation of Multi Vendor Multi facility Purchase Order: Import

Multi Vendor Multi facility Purchase Order

Uniware provide feature to create Multi facility Purchase Order through Import in bulk.

This helps sellers to create multiple Purchase orders to multiple warehouses direct in Approved state by single import file without switching the facility. The System will create PO as per the PO number and facility code provided by the user and create the approved PO in the corresponding facility.

The system will validate the necessary validations and throw an error, in case of any mistake.


Version: Professional and Enterprise
Traceability: None, SKU, ITEM


Main Menu (Tools) > Import > Select import as “Multi Facility Approved Purchase Order”

1- To create, select CREATE NEW in the Import Options.

2- Download the CSV format and fill in the details.

Field Name Description Note
Vendor Code (M) Vendor Code
Facility Code (M) Facility Code of Uniware

Agreement Name

Vendor Agreement Name

Agreement Start Time As
Dd/Mm/Yyyy Hh:mm:ss

Agreement Start Time as
Dd/Mm/Yyyy Hh:mm:ss

Use with Agreement Name

Agreement End Time As
Dd/Mm/Yyyy Hh:mm:ss

Agreement End Time as
Dd/Mm/Yyyy Hh:mm:ss

Use with Agreement Name

Agreement Text

Agreement Text

Use with Agreement Name

Product Code (M)

Product Code, uniware SKU

Quantity (M)

Quantity of SKU

Unit Price

Unit Price of SKU


Discount on SKU

Logistic Charges

Logistic Charges

Expiry Date As Dd/MM/yyyy (M)

Expiry Date As DD/MM/YYYY

Delivery Date As Dd/MM/yyyy (M)

Delivery Date As DD/MM/YYYY

Purchase Order Code (M)

Purchase Order Code

System will throw error if the PO code matches with the existing PO code
Custom Custom values, if any

3- Save the sheet in default CSV format then Select the option “Choose File” and upload the sheet which was filled up.

Press the “Upload File” button.


4- You can check the sheet uploaded result with successful upload. The user will be able to view the success message in the import section at the right of the screen. If there will be any issue in uploaded data you can check the same from View import and repeat the task as per error cases.

5- Now you can check the result in ‘Purchase Order’ under the ‘Purchase ‘ tab.



  • The user importing this file must have the necessary access resource (“PO_APPROVE”) to do the given operation. E.g. If user A has the Access Control to just create the PO, he will not be able to create a PO in approved state.
  • To view the statuses of the different purchase Orders across different facilities in a consolidated view can download the export. The user should have the “ALL_Facility” access resource.



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