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Get new tokens for Snapdeal Connectors

Your Unicommerce account needs new Snapdeal channel connectors for a seamless and hurdle-free order, inventory and price syncing.


Q: What are Channel Connectors?

The login tokens that you configure while adding a channel at Unicommerce. With the help of these connectors can you communicate with a channel’s APIs, in other words, you can enable order, inventory and price sync with a channel only if you have successfully set your connectors.


Q: How do I generate new API connector credentials/tokens for Snapdeal?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Access the given URL:

https://authorize.snapdeal.com/authserverui/login?returnURL=https://<your tenant ID, example: xyz.unicommerce.com>/index.php/api/SDAuth/SDAuthorization&partnerName=kunal.garg@unicommerce.com

Please note: Copy the above URL in your web browser and replace the part highlighted in red with your Unicommerce web address.

2. You will land on the following page:



3. On the subsequent page, select the access points you need and press “Authorize”.


4.   Upon authorising capabilities the User Token is generated in the URL as below.

Q: How do I reconfigure them at Unicommerce?

In your Unicommerce panel, reach the Snapdeal channel configuration and follow the given steps:



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