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How to Create Custom Sale Orders in Uniware?

Create or add a Custom Orders in Uniware:

The orders coming offline (at the storefront) or coming from a channel not integrated with Uniware can be created manually.

Follow simple steps to create an order in the system:

A: Create Order Manually

A.1- On the ‘Orders’ page, click

A.2- Add details to create an order.

Basic Details

Field Name (M: Mandatory)
Values (Default)

Auto-Generated Order Code (M)


  • Tick the checkbox to auto-fill system generated order code.

  • Else, manually enter a unique sale order code.

Display Order Code

Alphanumeric(only underscore and forward slash are allowed)

  • Order id to display for end customer reference.

  • Shown on invoice and label format.

Channel (M)


  • To select the channel where the order was created.

  • Only shows custom channels.

Order Date


Date of order creation.

Payment Mode


Mode of payment.



Currency of payment. INR (by default).

Facility Code


Facility/Warehouse in which order will process further.

Customer Details

Field Name (M: Mandatory)


Customer Code

  • Unique code for the customer (as in Uniware).

  • This will auto-fill other Customer Details.

Notification Email

Customer Email to get the order status notifications.

Notification Mobile

Customer Mobile No. to get the order status notifications.


Customer GSTIN no. To handle B2B order transactions.

Billing Address/Shipping Address

Field Name (M: Mandatory)


Address Line 1 (M)

Precise address of billing unit

Address Line 2

Additional address information

Country (M)

Country of presence of billing unit (dropdown)

State (M)

State name (dropdown)

City (M)

City name

Pincode (M)


Phone (M)

Contact number (Landline or Mobile)

A.3- Select the products and update their quantity and base price (which is tax inclusive). Uniware will calculate the grand total of the order.

Item Details

Field Name (M: Mandatory)


Item SKU Code (M)

  • Search or Enter the item SKU code

Units (M)

Quantity ordered.


Auto-populate to show available stock of SKU.


Auto-populate from product detail of SKU

Selling Price (M)

Price on which the SKU is being sold (Inclusive of all taxes)


  • Discount on selling price.

  • Based on the selection Radio Button {Discount (₹)Discount (%)}, the discount can be mentioned as Discount in currency (default) or Discount in percentage.

  • This discount field can be configured for auto-select by customer discount group.

NOTE: Uniware provides the feature to see the existing inventory count against the item SKU. This will ease inventory management and offline sales.

NOTE: You can add only Max 1999 order items in a single order. This is not applicable for the orders created via POS feature.

You can check the new order created on the Orders page by filtering according to the order number, channel or even its status.

Once the order is created, you can either wait for the Inventory allocation process which will be done in 5 minutes.

The other ways of creating Orders in Uniware are:

B. Import Orders via CSV

You can easily import the orders in bulk. The task can be accomplished on the Orders page.

B.1- Click the import icon

B.2- Select the channel from the available list of channels.


B.3- Choose the CSV file to be uploaded.

B.4- But if you don’t know the template, just download it from this screen and fill the sheet to upload it.

Please see the following list of the mandatory fields to be uploaded in the sheet (and their respective meanings):

Sale Order Code         : It is a unique alphanumeric code to recognise an order.

COD                           :Set it to 1 if order is COD (Cash on Delivery). For a prepaid order it is set to 0.

Sale Order Item Code : The unique alpha numeric value for recognizing the Sale Order item.

Item SKU Code          : The SKU code with which the product has been defined in the system.

Selling Price               : Also please mention the Selling price against every order item in the bulk upload sheet.

Shipping Method       : STD

B.5- After successful import, the orders will be available on the Orders page.


  • You can add only maximum 1999 order items in a single order. This is not applicable for the orders created via POS feature.


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