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Identify your Net Profit with the Sale Order Report

While importing the item master sheet, you will have to add a new value: Product cost, across each item.

We can define product cost as the landing cost of any item, which means it involves the product price + freight charges of getting it to the warehouse.

With the introduction of the feature: Reconciliation, the system will now have the all the payment-related information (payments expected and received for sales made on various marketplaces). Thus our solution will be smart enough to calculate the actual P&L.

Please understand that Total revenue (Payment received) – Product Cost = Actual Gross profit. You can easily find it, Lets see how?


You can import Item Master, which now contains a new field called “Product Cost”.



Check the Format CSV to find this column: Cost Price.



With the help of this field and Reconciliation data, the system can calculate Actual Gross Profit = Payment Received – Product cost.

You can find that with the help of a report called “Sale Order” which can be exported from the system. Please see the steps below:



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