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Import: Add Items To Putaway

Sellers can add items to Putaway through an import in bulk. This increase the efficiency of the warehouse user.

Add Items To Putaway: Import

This import file is used for adding SKU/Items (Barcodes) to the below Putaways in Uniware with Traceability: SKU*, ITEM

  • Putaway_shelf_transfer
  • Putaway_inspected_not_bad_item
  • Putaway_received_returns
  • Putaway_picklist_item
  • Putaway_inspected_not_good_item
  • Putaway_gatepass_item

*as per traceability associated functions.


UI Navigation: Tools > Import > Add Items To Putaway

1. Select the import option as per the need here we use “Create New”.

2. Download the .csv template, as shown below:

The description is provided below:

Field Name (M: Mandatory)


Putaway Code (M)

Putaway code in which items need to be added.

GatePass/Picklist Code

GatePass/Picklist code for PUTAWAY_GATEPASS_ITEM/PUTAWAY_PICKLIST_ITEM In SKU Traceability. For Item trace, this field can be skipped.

Identifier Type


Identifier Code

SKU Code For Type SKU_Code or Barcode For Type Item


Quantity (mandatory) for SKUs, if Identifier Type is SKU_Code

Item Barcode (M)

Item Barcode to add in Putaway.

Inventory Type


Shelf Code

Shelf Code


Comments – Reason For Putaway

3. Fill the details in the .csv file as per the description provided.

4. Click on ‘Choose File’ to select the completed file from your computer’s drive.

5. Click on ‘Upload File’ to upload the selected file.

You can check the sheet uploaded result with successful upload. If there will be any issue in uploaded data you can check the same from View import and repeat the task as per error cases.

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