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My Flipkart order is not visible / syncing on Uniware

The order sync refers to the integration of all orders from the sales channels configured in our Uniware system. This is an automated system process that runs every 10 minutes and can be done manually on Uniware Channel Settings as well.

Click here for Tutorial Video – English

Click here for Tutorial Video – Hindi

Common Reasons

Channel Connector Broken

Follow the below simple steps to resolve the Channel Connector Issue:

If the channel connector is broken, you may access your uniware account in “Incognito Browser”.

  1. In the Uniware Menu, go to the settings icon and select “Channel”.
  2. Search for the Flipkart Channel and go to the Connectors.
  3. You may see an error message that says “Invalid Credentials”.
  4. Click on the Reconfigure, update the new password and click on “Connect”.
  5. The connectors will be fixed.

Order Processed from the Seller Panel

Any order which has been processed on Seller Panel and has crossed the Approved status are required to be completed on the Seller Panel itself and these orders will not be synced on Uniware.

Pendency On Channel

Follow the below simple steps to check Order Pendency in Flipkart Seller Panel:

1- Login into your Flipkart Seller Panel by using seller credentials. 

2- Then go to the Orders -> Active Orders and Select your Warehouse Location from the drop down.

3- There is a tab called “Upcoming Orders”, these are the orders for which we get the pendency from Flipkart but these orders are synced in Uniware depending on the Dispatch After Date for these orders.

4- Then click on the Order Id, check the Dispatch Details as shown in the above picture, i.e “Dispatch After Date” means the order will be synced on the Uniware on the particular Dispatch After Date, and “Dispatch by Date” means we need to dispatch the order from the warehouse before the particular given date.

Unfulfillable Orders

Follow the below simple steps for Order not Visible in New Tab (Shipment)in Uniware:

  1. In the Uniware Menu, go to the Dashboard > Order Items
  2. If the order is visible in the “Unfulfillable” tab, it means that item has no inventory. 
  3. You can add the inventory for this product (How to add inventory in Uniware )and wait for 5 minutes to get the Shipment Created


Below are the important points that need to be kept in mind:

  1. Login credentials and authentication app should be available & updated in the seller panel and on Uniware in case re-authentication / re-configuration is required.
  2. Check whether Order Status is Approved on Flipkart Seller Panel.
  3. Check Dispatch After Time under “Upcoming Orders” on Flipkart Seller Panel.
  4. Check Inventory Status for the order item (Fulfillable / Unfulfillable).
  5. On Uniware, check if the order is displayed under Failed Orders. If Yes, please refer to the Failed Orders article, to fix the failed order article in Uniware.

Further, if the issue does not get resolved, please reach out to the Unicommerce support team from Here

Reference Video- (English)


Reference Video- (Hindi)

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