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Pre Fall 2020| Release Updates- Enterprise Version


Pre Fall 2020

Enterprise Version
“In every crisis lies the seed of opportunity.”
~ Chinese Proverb
Inventory & Stock Keeping
You can now create API generated gatepass orders in Uniware that allows any 3rd party system to instruct warehouse staff to go ahead with inventory transfer in the form of gatepasses
Custom field gatepass entry can now be easily made in Uniware to store informations as per your needs
Uniware now allows you to upload CSV file (Bulk Shelf Import) while creating a subcycle count, to help you select multiple shelves on initiating cycle counts
Expiry/Shelf Life Management
Expiry of SKUs can now be determined either from the manufacturing date or expiry date.
You can now capture the date of expiry of SKUs during GRN creation or at the time of GRN QC based on a facility level configuration
Uniware allows you to enter dispatch tolerance, GRN tolerance and return tolerance in days where the tolerance entered at SKU level overpowers the one at category level at item level traceability.
Batch/Lot Management
You can now mark SKUs in specified quantities of good, bad or not found at a Batching Traceability enabled facility, that will eliminate syncing of damaged or missing items with marketplaces.
Order Processing
You can use system assisted sorting for bundles at the staging area during order processing at SKU level tracebility, that will allow you to restrict manual dependency and increase operations efficiency
Report/Analytics Access
You can now see a report of expired and about to expire items in both item and batching level traceability to further liquidate your stocks.

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