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Prefetch Invoice and Label from Marketplace

Prefetch is a function where UC retrieves the invoice and Labels from the marketplace prior to the seller’s creation of the actual invoice labels. This streamlines the order processing, saving valuable time.

Pre Fetch Invoice helps in:

  1. Saving time for sellers during the actual order processing.

  2. It would reduce the average invoice fetch time, improving the seller experience.

This Prefetch feature is for selected marketplaces i.e.



Version: Standard, Professional and Enterprise
Traceability: None, SKU, ITEM


General Setting Configs (Tenant Level):

  1. Prefetch Enabled: Enabled (By default)

    • To disable/enable this feature, connect with UC Support Team/KAM to mark this config.

Channel Level Configs:

  1. Prefetch Enabled (Optional): Yes (By default)

  2. Minutes To Prefetch From Order Creation (Optional) : ’240′ mins’ (By default)

    • This Specifies after how many minutes post order creation a shipment should be eligible for prefetch
  3. Prefetch Formula (Optional): Default Formula


You can see all such packages in a dedicated table: Fulfillment(main menu)>Shipments: Prefetch Shipping Packages

Prefetch Preference

  • Prefetch when picking not done.

    • For None trace and SKU Trace where picklist is not used. For such cases prefetch will happen when shipment status changes to CREATED.

    • Prefetch invoices of shipment is enabled, which are marked Fulfillable i.e. Inventory is blocked for that shipment.

  • Prefetch for SKU/Item Trace where Picklist is used with/without handheld.

    • A CRON driven new recurrent task is introduced to prefetch invoice of all shortlisted shipments.

Warning on seller cancellation

  • There will be a warning to seller on cancellation of any order whose Prefetch has already been done.

  • If seller attempts for order/shipment cancellation where prefetch is already fetched. Seller must know that this action will lead to high penalties and poor performance metrics.

  • Exact pop up message: “You are cancelling a shipment that is already invoiced at channel, this may lead to high penalty. Do you wish to continue“

Prevent switch facility

  • Prevent Switch facility for orders whose prefetch has already been done.

  • System will prevent the flow of switch facility for the shipment whose prefetch is already done (mostly on None trace, bcoz post picking switch facility is not allowed).

  • Error Message: “Invoice has already been fetched from channel for this shipment, switch facility is not allowed”

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