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Printing Uniware SKU on the Channel Provided Shipment Label

In order to expedite order processing and ensure timely fulfillment, we’ve implemented a feature that enables Uniware SKU visibility on channel order labels. This enhancement aims to boost efficiency and speed up the packing process.


Version: All versions Standard, Professional and Enterprise

Channel Setting Configuration:


After activating the configuration for a channel in UC, all labels generated in UC will display the Uniware SKU according to the specified formatting.

Label Sample:



  1. This feature is supported for all types of labels (HTML,PNG and PDF).
  2. List of SKU codes will be visible at left bottom of the page.
  3. If there are multiple pages in Label Print, it will be visible on last page.
  4. If there are multiple SKUs, they will be comma separated.
  5. If qty for an SKU is >1 then it would look like this, SKU1*qty,SKU2*qty,….
  6. UC will show data for max 4 SKUs. If there are more than that we’ll append ...
  7. If the total characters width is more than page width we’ll add ... to end it.


P2492R    2782920726

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