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Sample Draft for Kapture

Sellers can now Search the ASN through any ASN Number  to see the related details of ASN such as PO number (against which ASN has created), Expected Delivery DateQuantity (item quantityand Status

To search any ASN details you can follow the below path:

1. UI Navigation | Main Menu (Purchase ) > Search ASN


  • Vendor can also search for an ASN by the following path :
    UI  Navigation > ASN > Search ASN. 
  • If any user want to see more data in respective of there search, they may change the filter option from the bottom of the table and select the data count number such as 25(default), 50 or 100.


Sample Description1
Sample Description2

Common Reasons

Follow the below simple steps for Channel Connector in Uniware:

1- In the Uniware Account Main Menu, navigate to Settings > Channels.

2- Search and select the Flipkart Channel.

3- Click on Connectors and then click on Reconfigure beside the Flipkart Inventory Panel.

4- Provide credentials which you use to log into the Seller Panel, after entering credentials, click on Connect.

5- The Flipkart Permission Registration pop-up window appears, provide your seller credentials.

6- Click on Sign In and then on the next page click on Allow to complete the process.
Any order which has been processed on Seller Panel and has crossed the Approved status are required to be completed on the Seller Panel itself and these orders will not be sync on Uniware.
Follow the below simple steps to check Order Pendency in Flipkart Seller Panel:

1- Login into your Flipkart Seller Panel by using seller credentials.

2- Then go to the Orders -> Active Orders and Select your Warehouse Location from the drop down.

3- There is a tab called “Upcoming Orders”, these are the orders for which we get the pendency from Flipkart but these orders are synced in Uniware as per the “After” time reflected in the Dispatch Details.
4- Then click on the Order Id, check the Dispatch Details as shown in the above picture, i.e “Dispatch After Date” means the order will be synced on the Uniware on the particular Dispatch After Date, and “Dispatch by Date” means we need to dispatch the order from the warehouse before the particular given date.
Follow the below simple steps for Order not Visible in Uniware:

1- Go to Uniware, search the Order Id in the Global Search Bar.

2- Check whether the order item status is Fulfillable or Unfulfillable by clicking on the product SKU under Order Items.

3- If the order item status is Unfulfillable then the seller needs to add the inventory of the particular item.


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