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How to integrate with Wooplr?

Follow these simple steps to integrate with Wooplr:

1. Log in to Wooplr seller panel at http://sellers.wooplr.com/login.html

2. Collect the Merchant ID from top right corner of the home page.

3. Connect with Wooplr’s support team to activate this ID to integrate with Unicommerce.

4. Go ahead with the next steps, to be done at Uniware once the ID is activated.

5. Add channel “Wooplr” on Uniware.

6. In the “Connectors” tab you have to fill the Vendor ID as copied and activated in the steps above.

7. Save the configuration.

Additional Feature: You can now choose to auto verify orders which will further update order’s status onWooplr as well.

To enable this feature: Keep Auto Verify Orders as Yes on Wooplr’s channel settings page, refer attachment.

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