Integration with Delhivery

To integrate Uniware with Delhivery follow the below steps:

1- On the path Settings > Shipping Provider.

2- Click on “Add Shipping Provider”.

3- Search for Delhivery.

4- Click on Delhivery to add:

  • Enter shipping provider name.
  • Select Serviceability as either This Facility to selected Pincodes (in this case you need to define serviceability, explained here) or Any Facility to Selected Pincodes/Any facility to any Pincodes.
  • Enable the shipping methods and add both COD and Prepaid Shipping Methods having AWB Generation selected as API.

Now save the detail by pressing the button ‘Save and Next’.

Learn more about the steps of enabling a shipping provider

5- If you want to connect Delhivery with API to fetch AWB from their panel. select Connectors tab.

The following parameters are required which you use to log into Seller Panel. These values are as provided by the Delhivery services.

Parameters Note/Discription
Api key Provided by delivery. (Mandatory)
Client name Provided by delivery. (Mandatory)
Login id Provided by delivery. (Mandatory)
Service url
PickUp Time 2, or Value should be an hour as in between 1, 2 …12.
PickUp Schedule True”- If you want to configure the schedule Pickup, It will arrange the pickup from the order Dispatched time + Pickup time.
Pickup Location Name
For single location: Pickup Location Name can be found in the Delhivery CL panel. For more details check next point No.6
For multiple warehouses/locations: In Professional and Enterprise versions, if pickup is enabled for multiple warehouses/locations this field will remain empty and then use facility alias for the same. We will pick the data from the facility alias.
Return QC Enabled “True”- To enable this service in uniware. Else, “False” (Default)

The Merchant/seller must align their Delhivery’s sales POC and revise the agreement accordingly.
Note: If they fail to do so and start using the functionality from UC directly then the QC will start failing, and eventually the QC process will be stopped from Delhivery’s operation team.

6- Pickup Location Name in Delhivery Panel
Follow the Path: CL Panel> View Profile > Pickup Points

Note: Use the same Pickup points Name (Copy-Paste) as “Pickup Location Name” in uniware.

Important Points:

    • Forward and Reverse shipment supported.
    • Label format will be provided by Uniware.
    • Tracking is provided in Uniware for shipped orders.
    • Existing Delhivery integration only supports domestic shipping.

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