Integration with DHL

To integrate Uniware with DHL you need to get your account identifiers and credentials.

To Integrate with Uniware, follow the following steps:

1- On the path Settings > Shipping Providers

2- Click “Add Shipping Provider”

3- Search for DHL.

4- Click on DHL and enable the shipping methods, COD and Prepaid, as per your requirement.

Learn more about the steps of enabling a shipping provider

Now update the serviceability (Pincodes) if you are using DHL as manual or list mode of awb for the same provider. Click here to know more.

If you want to connect DHL with API to fetch AWB from there panel. select Connectors tab.

The following parameters are required which you use to log into Seller Panel. These values are as provided by the DHL services.

Parameter Value/Description
Account number  DHL Account Number
Global product “P”
Password Dhl will be sharing the SITE ID and PASSWORD
Site id  Dhl will be sharing the SITE ID and PASSWORD
Duty Payment Type  SENDER/RECEIVER (Optional)
Service Model  B2C or B2B
Terms of Trade  DAP(default) or DDP
IEC Number  Import Export Code (Mandatory)
Bank ADCode 7 or 14 digit Alpha Numeric (Mandatory)
Is Using Bond UT  (Mandatory), YES if is UsingBondUT = YES
NO if is UsingBondUT = No/blank
Commodity Type  (Mandatory) Handicraft Items/Products OR Handloom Products OR Books/Periodicals OR Leather Footwear OR Toys OR Customized Fashion Garments OR Others
If you are shipping in European (EU) countries then fill below parameters also.
Parameter Value/Description
Reg number for European (EU) country
3 Characters- Refer DHL Registration Number Type
2 Characters-Refer-DHL Country/Region code
2 Characters- BU (Business) DC (Direct Consumer) GV (Government) OT (Other) PR (Private) RE (Reseller)

Also, for shipping outside India for clearing customs as requested by Govt related to development from ECCS. Without passing these details shipments will get stuck and DHL will not provide AWB details.

Enable below mandatory parameters:

Parameter Value/Description
Bank ADCode 7 or 14 digit Alpha Numeric
Bank Account Number: Shipper Bank Account number. It is also to be registered in the ICE Gate portal.
Govt/Non-Govt: P / G can be the value: G – Government & P – Private (Upper Case only)
This is for the shipper to declare whether they are a Government or Non-Government Entity
NFEI YES / NO can be the value (Upper Case only) – This is for the Shipper to declare whether there is a Foreign Exchange involved at shipment level

These values generate the test Cod and Prepaid Label for DHL.  Post-approval Production Label is generated and the parameter “L”.

Now update the serviceability(Pincodes) for the same provider. To know more

What is Serviceability? How do we upload it?

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