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Integration with Shopify

Shopify is available with uniware under Carts.

To integrate Uniware with Shopify you need to get your Shopify account identifiers and credentials-

Follow the steps:

1. You can create your API keys through your shop admin (for instance, https://<sellername>.myshopify.com/admin/).

2. From your shop admin’s Home page, go to the Apps tab


3.    Scroll down on Apps Page and Click on: Manage Private APPs

4.    Click on Generate New API Key. A new API key will be generated for you. Do not post your API keys publically, keep them in safe hands.


Note: While generating APIs Give READ and WRITE access to both “Orders,  transactions, and fulfillments” and “Products, variants, and collections” function.


Now use Shopify API credentials to integrate Shopify with Uniware-

1. On the main menu, click Settings and select channels in the sub-menu.

2. Click

3. Select Shopify under Carts

4. Fill the channel settings for Shopify.


Name your channel name, as you would like to call it.

Learn how to configure a channel.


5. Location Id :  Go to the Shopify Connectors in the next dialog box.

Update Hostname as https://<sellername>.myshopify.com, The API key, Password and Location Id* to be inserted as generated in the previous step.

To generate Location ID copy the below link in a separate tab putting values of the highlighted parameters and click ENTER


Else confirm the location ID from the Shopify team and update on Connectors page along with the Hostname, API Key and the Password.


6- Prefix Or Suffix Added– The Parameter should be TRUE or FLASE.
If the value true then we  pick the display order code from filed name called “name” from the sale order response and if it is set as False/Blank/ Null then  display order number will be picked from filed “order number” of order details.

7- Email On cancel- The Parameter should be TRUE or FLASE.
If you want mail to custmore from Shopify side on order cancellation then mark this parameter as True else make this to False.

8- Tracking URL – We provide a parameter in Uniware for updating tracking URL on Shopify.

  • If the parameter is marked as True, then Uniware will update tracking url same as Track Order page of the corresponding shipping provider website.
  • If the parameter is set as False, then Shopify will automatically update tracking URL based on the courier company name/AWB provided in shipping details while fulfilling order. Please update changes accordingly.

9- On successful integration, you can set the order and inventory sync for that channel.

Below are the important points that needs to be kept in mind while adding the channel:

  • We provide catalog pull, inventory push and order pull features.
  • Update “Sync Draft Orders” parameter as ‘Yes‘ for Shopify channel, to sync Shopify’s Draft orders in Uniware.
  • Invoices code and TAX details and invoice template to be provided from Uniware.
  • Orders are self-shipped. Shipping will be handled by the seller and Tracking details & Label print will be provided by Uniware.
  • Seller cancellation from Uniware is not allowed. Once Shopify order is mark cancelled in Uniawre it will also mark cancel in Shopify channel too by status sync to panel. that can also be controlled by channel setting parameter “Cancel Order On Shopify“.
  • Uniware provides the status sync for (Cancellation and Dispatched) from Shopify to uniware.


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