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Release (29 July 2014) : Picking process for professional/enterprise users

We have always been proud of our progress, but never satisfied. Always striving to improve your experience with our product UNIWARE we bring out a few more changes which will make your work simpler and uncomplicated.

Here is a look at the features now available to you:

Pick lists: total revamp

Keeping up with our ideology of revamping the processes and interaction at Uniware, we proudly present to you the updates in pick lists and related processing.

  • All the new page design for pick lists 

Manual pick list:

​Auto pick list:

  • How to receive pick list? It is right there on the ‘pick list details’ page!


  • Easy identification of the products which were either not found or are found as  damaged

  • Easy printing options

a.   Print Pick list

b.   Print Invoice after the pick list is received

c.   Print the shipment labels for all the invoiced shipments


  • Scan the traceable items while receiving your picked items

All the new Vendors page

Adding new vendors in the existing list has been made easier, covering all details exhaustively on the “Add vendor” page. Add the Accounting and vendor contact details along with the vendor agreement description on the same page.


New Integrations made:

Inventory sync is now available on Kartrocket, Indiatimes and Amazon Japan.

Amazon brings forth Amazon Easy Ship as its own courier service.

Watch the video on pick list processing

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