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Release Update: 08 November 2016


 Changes bring about new opportunities, for you to explore and learn more capabilities.
And for us to serve you better!

Payment Reconciliation available for Channels: Amazon, Flipkart and SnapdealOur latest feature offering of Payment Reconciliation is now available for the top marketplaces.
New Channel integration: Mr. Voonik
The Uniware system is now integrated with the channel: Mr.Voonik.
Ability to edit the Shipment Weight and Dimensions
You can easily edit the weight and dimensions of any shipment in the system.
Other ChangesOther changes like introduction of column “Invoice Number” on Shipments page and Automatic status sync for Amazon orders is now available in the system.

Payment Reconciliation available for Channels: Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal

With Payment Reconciliation in place, you can generate your entire P&L by specifying the input product cost, as it would help you identify payment received against an order item and compare it to the cost for which you procured the order item.

Please note: This feature is visible to the “Admin” users only.

This feature is currently available for the following channels:
1. Amazon
2. Flipkart
3. Snapdeal

Click here to know more. 

New Channel integration: Mr.Voonik

Going a notch above, we have successfully integrated our system with a new channel. Click on the logo to learn more about this integration:


Ability to edit the Shipment Weight and Dimensions

A package dimension can easily be updated for packed shipments. This can be done during the step of printing labels.

Click here to check the steps in detail.


Other Changes

A few other changes in the system:

1. All the Orders processed on the seller panel of Amazon will have an automatic Status sync at Uniware.
2. The Invoice Number of all the “Ready to Ship” packages is now visible on the Shipments page.

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