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Release Update: 20 April 2015

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. And if we don’t grow then what is the point of our existence?

Unicommerce brings to you the latest product release with many new exciting features and functions.

Let’s have a look at them:

1 The new help pop-up containing guided tours, articles and videosFind relevant articles, videos and guided tours for a page by clicking information icon.

2 Find all the product updates on a single pageA user can find the details of our past releases in a single page and will be redirect to relevant articles in support page.

3 Gatepass revamp – Search, Open and Create gatepass now on one page!Gatepass screens now contain richer functionality by giving all relevant details.

4 Upload your signature image in the invoicesA user can now upload images of his/her signature in invoice templates and same will be used while printing an invoice.

5 Log in to your Unicommerce panel from our websiteLogin to your unicommerce site from www.unicommerce.com after clicking Login button.

6 Track your Channel activitiesYou can track all the configuration changes done by a user on a channel by clicking Activities Tab of a Channel details page.

In an attempt to make Uniware more comprehensive and easy to operate, we have introduced an enhanced in-product help which will be context-based. You will also find encounter guided tours, videos and articles on the respective pages by clicking on the info​information icon.

Please go ahead and explore the features and functions available in your Uniware!

Guided Tours

Find all the product updates on a single page

Every season many new features are released on our product. You will now find all the old release logs within Uniware. You can also access the details of each release by clicking theNew Releases​ icon from anywhere in Uniware.​

New Releases

Gatepass revamp – Search, Open and Create Gatepass now on one page

The three operations of Searching, Opening and Creating a Gatepass can now be accessed on a single page, On the path Materials > Gatepass.​


For NONE traceability:

None traceability

  1. The gatepass summary contains the details like inventory type, quantity available, existing quantity, shelf code and the quantity to be added.​

  2. Always remember that the quantity available cannot exceed the sum of existing quantity and quantity to be added.

  3. If you add some quantity of a product to a shelf code nnd then you add some quantity of the same product on another shelf, you will see two distinct rows for the same product with respective quantities and shelves.

  4. Because of the shelf code specific inventory deduction, SKU’s will now be arranged in the main gatepass grid which will be dependent on the SKU as well as the shelf. Earlier, when they were consolidated SKU-wise only.

For ITEM level traceability:

  1. You can simply scan the item and add to a gatepass.

  2. You can scan the items only for that party/vendor for which the gatepass was created.

Upload your Signature image in the invoices

If you want a signature of your MD or manager or anyone else on the invoices generated, then make a simple configuration in the invoice template and you are ready to go!

On the path: Settings > Templates, under Seller-Buyer information, you can easily upload a signature image (which can be in jpg, jpeg or png format) and save the configuration.

Log in to your Unicommerce panel from our website

Now you can login to your Unicommerce panel from www.unicommerce.com. Let’s see how:

You can now see a new LOGIN button on the Unicommerce website. Just as you click it, you can add your shop’s name to access its Uniware panel.​

These simple steps will take you to your shop’s panel.

In case you forget your password and want to reset it, just click the respective link.

Track your Channel activities

All the activities that were done on a channel can now be tracked on a page. These activity logs will include action on setting connectors, setting any configuration parameters of the channel and manual trigger of order/ inventory or catalog sync.

On the path Settings > Channels, select any channel and you can notice a new “Activities” tab. Click it and check the latest activities carried on this particular channel.​

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