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Release Update: 20 November 2015

 A little by little, a little becomes a lot!

    And we are back with some little changes to make a big difference in your life.

1- Sync Product Prices

Now sync product prices like the catalog, orders and inventory.

2- Order pull for Flipkart Advantage

Get all the Sales figures for the models involving order processing from Fulfillment Centers

3- Updates in Mobile App

New features like editing inventory count and verifying orders now available in the Mobile App

4- Revamped Dashboard Overview

New and refreshing look for the Dashboard Overview

5- Automatic Reverse pickup for all Returns at marketplaces

For every order status sync, the Returns will have auto-reverse pick up generation at Uniware

Sync Product Prices

You can now sync product prices, just the same way as you sync your product catalog, orders and inventory.

Want to know how?

On the Channel details page, slide on the Price Sync.

What will it do?

As the system fetches Product catalogs from every channel it is synced to, now it will fetch the prices for every product in the same way.

You will see the updated prices in the Product Listings, under the view for “Sync Enabled” products.

You will see the MRP (Max Retail Price), MSP (Minimum Selling Price), Transfer Price (Price payable to the seller from the marketplace), Selling Price and Competitive Price.

This can be checked by clicking the respective price of a product.

There is a twist in the tale!  If you update a product price here at Uniware and press SAVE, the new price will be updated on the Channel right away.

Hence, The Price sync is going to be a two-way process.

This feature is currently available only for Snapdeal. We will soon release it for other market places too.

Where to check the Price sync status?

The Dashboard Overview now contains a new report for Failed Price sync attempts under Product Alerts.

Please note: We will run the sync and bring all the prices of those products which have been updated since the last price sync cycle.

Order pull for Flipkart Advantage

Going a notch above from we were, we will now get all the Sales figures for the models like FA (Flipkart Advantage) which fulfill orders from their respective fulfillment Centers in a single system. You can subsequently take the entire export in Tally for accounting purposes.

All you have to do is add the channel “Flipkart Advantage” in your system:

This channel is based on the model where you store your products in the channel’s fulfillment centers, and they pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for the sold products.

This channel can be added just the way other channels are configured in the system. Learn more.

Since the channel is shipping the packages on its own, on every cycle of order sync, the Unicommerce system will fetch the “Completed” orders for a new facility. This facility is created as soon as you configure this channel. (You don’t have to create a facility explicitly).

Please remember:

  1. We do not provide any inventory management for this facility.

  2. All the invoices for the completed orders are created in the system as soon as we fetch them.

Updates in our Mobile App

We have introduced some very useful features in our Mobile App. These features were earlier available on your computer, now they will come handy in your handsets.

  1. Complete inventory management: Now edit inventory count for various items from your App.

  2. Order verification: You can now verify your unverified orders from the mobile handsets.

  3. All the new Order details view!


Revamped Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Overview is now available in a new and refreshing look. These have been changed with the motive of making them more interactive and easy to understand. Please try them out!

Automatic Reverse pickup for all Returns at marketplaces

At every order status sync on channels, the system will automatically create Reverse pick ups for all the RETURNED Order items at market places. These will be visible on the Shipments page, under tab “Customer Returns”.

Please note: All the reverse pick up created manually at Uniware will also be visible under this tab.

Also remember: Those returns which are synced from the Courier Providers are not updated in this tab.

You can also complete the putaway for multiple returns in one go. On the same page SHIPMENTS and tab CUSTOMER RETURNS, follow these steps:

1. Select the Returned Order items for putaway.

2. Click the Action button.

3. Select “Complete Returns”.

4. The window which pops up next will let you mark the inventory as Good, Bad or Return to Customer.

5. Hit “Complete” and then “Done”.

Post this step, the inventory will be updated in the DEFAULT shelf.

This feature is currently available for these marketplaces only: Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Amazon, eBay and Shopclues

* Apart from above given changes we have stopped support of SKU creation starting with Zero ‘0’  as it creates issue in excel reporting format.

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