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Release Update – 25 March 2014

In the world through which we travel, we are endlessly creating ourselves. Uniware progresses a notch above. Here is a detailed account of the new ideas brought forward.

Introduction of Bundles in Uniware

The trusted warehousing and order management system – Uniware now proudly introduces you to BUNDLES, which is used to group several products together and sell them at a cheaper price! 

Inventory management of a bundle

A bundle is not a distinct product in itself, but only a collection or combination of other products in varying quantities. It is just like a basket of products which can be customized. So when we sell it, we don’t hold inventory of a bundle as a standalone item.

The items contained within a bundle can have a defined quantity. Thus, the availability of a bundle will essentially depend on the availability of its component items.

The inventory count of the component items is auto-adjusted by Uniware as soon as a bundle is sold. No longer will you need to go back and manually check all the bundle counts sold and manage the inventory counts accordingly.

Creating a bundle

Multiple bundles can be created within Uniware, each containing a relevant product in varied quantities. Each bundle will be uniquely defined with an SKU and zero quantity. The inventory quantities will be adjusted for every individual sellable item within the bundle definition.




Make sure that the components of a bundle already exist within the system as individual products.


When importing a bundle, the items contained should be defined clearly, it’s SKU, quantity and individual prices.



Bundles in invoices and shipping packages

The invoice and shipping package expose the item type as bundle for easy identification.


How is BOM different from bundles?

BOM is a combo with defined quantity of its own, as an item itself. A bundle is an intangible combo whose availability depends on the availability of the items contained in it. It is not defined as a standalone product.


Extensive guides on training you on bundles are now available on our help desk

Know everything about bundles



Uniware notifications let you know about any exceptional activity in your account, like broken channel connectors for order and inventory sync or failed email alert on raising/approving or amending Purchase Orders.

Whenever you have a new message, the extension button will highlight the number of alerts waiting for you. On click, the drop down window shows you the entire list. On clicking a particular notification, you are redirected to the problem area for you to solve it right away.




The cancelled orders are highlighted at the time of generating manifest

At scanning orders for generating a manifest, if an order has been cancelled on the channel, the system pops a suggestion.



Catalog sync visibility on Channels page

The product catalog and its related invetory can now be synced on any channel, as and when you want! The catalog sync brings the latest product catalog on the offering at that channel. The catalog sync is available only for those channels which allow inventory sync. Triggereing inventory sync checks and gets all the inventory updates on the channel.

We have introduced the catalog sync and inventory sync handle on the channels detail page in order to trigger the action(s).



Gate pass for QC_Rejected and Bad Inventory

We can now track the outgoing deliveries of materials which are either QC_rejected or falls under bad inventory with the gate pass.

  Dispatch facility now available on eBay Worldwide, except for India.

New Integrations made:

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