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Release Update (Lite): 08 July 2015

“Improvement is logical form of change”

We are back with enhancements in our LITE product; the changes will help you know the features more easily.

1 New help pop-up containing guided tours, articles and related videosFind relevant articles, videos and guided tours for a page by clicking help icon.

2 Latest addition in our channels List: ZEPONew shopping cart solution integrated with us for increasing your selling visibility.

3 New Videos at SupportSupport enhancement with readily accessible videos at support portal

In an attempt to make our product more comprehensive and easy to operate, we have introduced an enhanced in-product help which will be context-based. You will now see a new HELP icon on the left panel of our product. Search with simple keywords from the plethora of support articles we have for you. The icon will remain active across all pages and allow searching articles not specific to your current page.

You will also find guided tours, videos and articles on the respective pages by clicking on the help icon.

You will find guided tours for system set up pages like:

·     Add facility

·     Add channel

·     Invoice template configuration

Guided Tours

We have also designed walk through guides for various operation pages like:

·     Orders

·     Order details

·     Shipments

·     Manifests

·     Listings

Let us see one of them.

Please go ahead and explore other features and functions available in your Uniware!

Latest addition in our channels List: ZEPO

If you have created your website/shopping cart on Zepo and selling there, you can now sync your orders and inventories, bring it to Unicommerce, process them and dispatch, all for free!

New Videos at Support

The good news is that we have added a lot of comprehensive videos at our support portal at support.unicommerce.com These videos are both in English & Hindi and help you get the overview of the system, channel specific parameters setting and order processing lifecycle.

Explore, Learn and Understand!

We will also appreciate you check our new website, it looks very different, interesting and has a lot of information about your very own product. So next time you go online, don’t forget to visit www.unicommerce.com. Do send your feedback.

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