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Shelves in Warehouse

Any storage facility or a warehouse will find a large range of shelves and shelving units. These installations are designed for maximum efficiency in storing the products and an ease of use to identify products placement.

Shelving is a credible, if not necessary, an idea. The solution is a decisive way to create space and bring order in that space.

Some of the major advantages of using shelves in your warehouse are:

  • It creates a whole heap of extra space at a cheaper price

  • Clutter-free arrangement of products

  • Guarantees organised space management

  • Applicable to any type of space to store items of all sizes, shapes or type.

Unicommerce promises to provide complete management of shelves in your warehouse. We would explore the possibility of adding or removing a shelf or rearranging the whole area to suit your needs ideally.

Shelf types

Depending on your business type and the products you deal in, create as many shelf types as you require. For example, if you are dealing in food products, create shelves for milk products, perishable fruits and vegetables and non-perishable food items etc. Or if you are stationery merchant create shelves for paper products, files and folders, pens & stationery and gifting items etc.

The shelf code identifies a type of shelf in the warehouse, the other details capture the dimensions of the product to be stored, and whether or not a shelf is enabled or functional.

If you are using our Enterprise package then select Layout in the main menu and Shelf types in the sub-menu.

For Professional package users, this option is not available and only a DEFAULT type of shelf can be created.



To add a new shelf type, click on the button on top right corner of the screen:


In the next step define the shelf code to recognise it and give the product dimensions, its length, width and height in mm.



On successful submission, the shelf type is created and visible in our system.


To know how to create shelf Click Here

Create a shelf

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