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Discount Group Mapping with Items(Catalog/Category/SKU) in bulk by Import

Personalized Pricing :

Many a time, sellers want to have personalized price/discount for different channel or customers based on the customer’s quality (monthly order volume, payment trend, etc.)

For more details : Personalized Pricing

Discount Group Mapping with Items: Import

UI Navigation | Main Menu (Tools) > Import > Discount Group Item


1- To create a new Discount Group Item, select CREATE NEW in the Import Options.

2- Download the CSV format and fill the details.


Column Name Description Required
Discount Group Code Discount Group Code Yes
Discount Group Item Code Need to make a DG Item (Unique) Yes
Discount Group Item Type SKU SKU_CATEGORY CATALOG Yes
Discount Group Item Type Identifier Enter the desired Sku Code Eneter the desired Category Code No Identifier To fill, it will allow on whole Item Master Yes
Discount Percentage Percentage Between 0 To 100 % Yes
Enabled Enabled(0/1) Default value 0 treat as Disabled


3- Then save the sheet in default CSV format

4- Now select the option “Choose File” and upload the sheet which was filled up.

5- Press the “Upload File” button.

6- A message will be highlighted for upload.

7- You can check the sheet uploaded result with successful upload. If there will be any issue in uploaded data you can check the same from View import and repeat the task as per error cases.



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