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Image Scan based Outbound QC for Order Management

Image Scan Based Outbound Quality Check

This feature minimises the effect of the possibility of the wrong product being brought to Invoicing Dock arises due to multiple manual errors.

  • Wrong Barcoding.
  • Pickers deliberately pasting wrong stickers on different items in order to save time.

To prevent such case while order processing, an optional step of Image-based QC via double scanning is provided under Picklist to enhance the Quality Check (QC).
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  1. This can be configured at channel level. Enable Image-based Outbound QC on channel setting page.
  2. This feature is available for SKU & Item-level traceability in Professional and Enterprise version only.


Process Path:

1- First configured the check at channel page. Image-Based Outbound QC “Yes


2- Now create the Picklist.
On the path, Fulfilment > Picklist, Created a picklist for orders for which channel has enabled the feature. Then Receive it.

3- Start Scan the Item → system will show the Item details with Image.

4- To Accept it as Good, scan the same item again and system will ready for second Item process or To Reject select Mark Damage with reason.

5- Once all item scanning is done system will generate the Invoice and Picklist can be closed.

6- Then the rest process is same as you do it earlier for completing the order for label and manifest closing.


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