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Image Zoomer on Product details page

Sellers can now hover on the product image to see the enlarged picture and identify the product better.

To see the enlarges picture follow the below steps:

1- Select Products in the menu


2- Select the product/ SKU you want to see in more details.

3- See the Item image view which is by default view.

4- Now we click on Image it will provide the below inlarged view.


5- Item image will be picked from filed “Image Url” in which you can fill open source Image Url.

Note: A SKU is a unique code consisting of letters and numbers that identify characteristics of each product in warehouse to maintain the stock.
In Uniware, SKU code can be created with the length of 3 to 45 characters and allow only four special symbols as Dash, Dot, Slash and Underscore. “Space” is not allowed in Uniware SKU.

For more detail Click Here

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