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E-Invoices handling for items of Services type

Sellers can now generate E-invoices for shipments which also contain Service along with Goods.

E-Invoicing for B2B invoices – EInvoicing QR code

From April 2022 it is now mandatory for clients to provide E-Invoice for services too.

As per Indian government norms, E-Invoice for B2B transaction is applicable for the supply of goods(Physical) or services(non-physical) e.g. warranty/insurance or both to a registered person/entity.

Create E-Invoices for items of Service type:

In Uniware we are able to create E-Invoices for Goods(Physical) or Services(non-physical) Articles.

To handle this, in UC we have a field to filter out the article as goods(Physical) or services(non-physical) in ItemMaster import/export and Product page. This field helps in E-invoicing

Note: Important Notification from NIC || HSN Code

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