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Myntra Order Processing Enhancement for Bulk Order Items Scanning

In case of Myntra’s B2B orders, there is large number of sale order items. Each sale order item must contain a label barcode generated by Myntra. Currently, the system fetches the shipping labels for all the sale order items in one go.

Now seller has a choice of generating Myntra barcodes one by one enabling smooth dispatches to Myntra (which the sellers otherwise had to do separately from Myntra panel).

So, Once the Picklist scanning start, Item label Print for scanned SKU one by one.

Note: It will work in Professional and Enterprise version ( with SKU or Item Level Traceability) and not in Standard version. You have any doubt or question feel free to discuss with us at chat support. Click Here


1. User select shipment/s and create picklist. On the path Fulfillment > Picklists, select “Create Manual” on the top-right side of the screen.




2. User picks the items from the warehouse and hit receive picklist button.

3. User starts scanning the items one by one and system will provide you the label of each item to print (If the printer is configured, it will print immediately).

4- Once we scan the last item system will provide the last item barcode and invoice for that shipment for all such items.

5- Rest process are similar to make Ready to ship and manifest closing process as before.

Myntra B2B is providing two business models ie. JIT and FBM both can be easily add in uniware. Click Here


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