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Integration with Myntra PPMP

MYNTRA PPMP, It is Myntra’s business dropship model which is known as PPMP. We have integration with it to pull Orders and Processing, Inventory sync.

Follow these simple steps to integrate in Uniware:

1- In the Uniware menu, select Settings > Channels

2-Then press the button

Search and Select “MYNTRA PPMP“.

3- Fill and save the channel details.

4- Add channel MYNTRA PPMP with both seller panel and API details.

Give the warehouse code of your uniware account then Myntra team provide the credentials. Fill the credential to configure the connectors.

Sellers have to get the MerchantId, SecretKey and warehouseId from Myntra team to sync all PPMP orders in the desired warehouse if they are using order processing from multiple warehouses.

5- After adding the channel you can manage all the related process for order, inventory sync.

Note: Select API version as per Myntra team. By default, this must be selected as V4.

6- Catalog Sync: You have to manually update listings in Uniware which are live on Myntra PPMP, after which inventory sync will work automatically. For more details Click Here

Fill below mandatory columns with details as suggested and upload the sheet in Uniware:

Ref : Myntra’s listing sheet

Channel Name- Name of the Myntra PPMP channel code added in Uniware
Seller SKU Code- Seller Sku code on Myntra PPMP which will be provided by Myntra’s listing sheet.
Channel Product Id-
Will be same as your Seller Sku code on Myntra PPMP.
Uniware SKU Code- Uniware SKU codes created in Uniware corresponding to Seller SKU codes.


Below are the important points needs to be kept in mind while adding the channel.

Note: PPMP Orders will Push by channel to Uniware only when mapping is done. Else, you may face issue in getting orders in uniware. For that you must map the listings and ask PPMP to re-push such orders again.

1 – Myntra’s new operation dropship model, which will be supporting them for Omni order processing. We only support warehouse specific integration for this channel.
2 – Unicommerce offer you Inventory sync, Invoice details sync, Order Status sync and Manual Catalog sync.
3 – Order processing will be provided in Uniware.
4 – Facility/warehouse code is the required code for PPMP integration. which can get from Setting>facility check URL for facility code.
5 – Sellers can generate Invoices, Labels (sync from myntra) and Manifest copy from Uniware.
6 – Labels can be print directly to thermal printer no extra settings required in uniware for as format is compatible with a thermal printer.
7 – Uniware send SLA on PPMP TAT (Hours) by default 48 hours(2 day). If need to change then update the TAT in the product(Item Master) like 72 (for three days).
8 – All priority orders For Myntra PPMP will be created as HIGH priority orders in UC. Sellers can click on PRIORITY column on picklist page to provide priority orders on top.

9- Order cancellation status will sync from channel to uniware to mark cancel the same in uniware.

10- Omni sellers will not be able to cancel orders once accepted in uniware.

11- No return sync is there, Returned order will be pushed by channel side then only we can show in customer return tab under Shipment tab. else you can make manual putaways received return.

So in case of RTO seller get the same order number and waybill on the box and in case of CIR, seller get packed id on the box and to scan in the field of  return AWB number.

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How to disable an existing channel?

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