Orders Overview

We all know what orders are! In our system we define them as a bunch of order items which have to dispatched for a particular user. The system generates an invoice and a label for the fulfilment of an order.

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An order can be brought into the system in numerous ways, namely
1. Order sync
2. Import CSV file
3. Manual Creation

What is Order sync?
By Order sync we mean bringing all the orders from the sales channels configured in our Uniware. It is a system process which runs on its own in every 10 minutes. But if you want to sync your orders as and when you want to, then trigger it manually!
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Import CSV file
You can easily import the orders in bulk. The task can be accomplished on the Orders page by clicking the import icon and choosing the file.
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Manual Creation
The orders coming offline (at the store front) or coming from a channel not integrated with Uniware must be created manually. Follow a few simple steps to create an order in the system.
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Learn about the Order statuses
How to process an order in Uniware?

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