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Putaway Shelf Transfer through UI on SKU Traceability

Let’s understand the process of Putaway Shelf Transfer on SKU traceability by using UI in Uniware.


Version: Enterprise and Professional

Traceability: SKU Traceability

Configuration: NA


>>Create Putaway Shelf Transfer>> Enter Shelf/ItemSKU>>Enter SKU >>Create Putaway List> > Enter the Shelf >>Close the Putaway

  1. Create Putaway Shelf Transfer:- Create the Putaway “Putaway Shelf Transfer” from the list.
  2. Enter the Shelf code/ SKU:- Select the shelf code/Item option, from where the products are to be transferred.
  3. Enter SKU:- Enter the SKU code, and then select the qty. Once all the SKUs are scanned go next.
  4. Create Putaway List:- Now to transfer the SKUs to another shelf, Press putaway list.
  5. Enter the Shelf:- Scan the destination shelf code.

  6. Close the Putaway:- Now the user can complete the putaway.

Now all the SKUs from the source shelf are transferred to the destination shelf which can be checked via the inventory report/Inventory section.




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