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CIR and RTO Return Routing at Facility Cross Channel

This allows the order return handling to a location other than the dispatched location. To handle Marketplaces where they may have Delivery from facility “Location A” to Customer at “Location X”, while the returns for that particular facility (Location A) might be taking place at another facility (Location B).

These sorts of mappings are allowed at UC Level to map a particular facility A with another return facility B.


Version: Professional and Enterprise
Traceability: None, SKU and Item Level


  • Facility Level Config: Return Courier Management Off:  Must be False (Unchecked)

For RTO:

  • Tenant Level Config: “Courier Return allowed in any warehouse”
  • By default, the value of this would be ‘True’ only.
  • To enable this config, connect with UC Support Team/KAM.
  • This config is only applicable for RTO.

For CIR:

  • This will work without any config.


Navigate to the following path:

1- UI Navigation: Settings > Channel Return Facility Mapping> {Click on “Add Return Mapping”}

2- Enter the appropriate details and click on the Create Return Mapping to create Routing at Facility Cross Channel.

3- Users can check all the Return Mapping of RTOs and CIRs in their respective tabs.


Enter the details as per the description provided below:

Field Name (M: Mandatory)


Channel Code (M)

Channel code for the associate return mapping.

Dispatch Facility (M)

Associate facility name from where orders will be dispatched.

Return Facility (M)

Associate facility name from where orders will be returned.

Return Type (M)

Associate Return type from the dropdown (RTO or CIR)

Procedure to take Return

Navigate to the following path:

1- On the Top Search bar, select the search option filter and enter the order-id to search for the relevant order/shipment.

2- Click on the Option menu from the left side of the window and select the Reverse Pickup option for return mapping.

3- Tick on the checkboxes of the Order Item Code and click on the Reverse Pickup button.

4- Create a Reverse Pickup popup window will open, enter the appropriate details and click on the Submit button.

Allowable Dispatch-Return Traceability logic

Dispatch Facility Traceability

Allowed Return Facility traceability

Item Level

Item Level

SKU Level

SKU level or None Level

None Level

None Level or SKU Level


  • Whenever a reverse-pickup is created it will check for the mapping and create the reverse pickup in the mapped facility.

  • There is no provision to enable or disabled the “Return Mapping in Uniware”.

  • It can only be deleted.
  • A user won’t be able to create Reverse pickup for packages whose shipping is handled by Channel as those shipments are not handled by Uniware by for reverse pickup.
  • If the Dispatched and Returned facility traceability is not matched as per defined way, the system gives you an error as: “Traceability mismatch for Facilities: [GISHNU – NONE |Arnav – ITEM]”.

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